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Long work commute

I couldn't find any other posts about this and maybe this is totally stupid, but as a FTM, I'm a bit clueless...
Is anyone else working up until baby's arrival with a long commute? What is your plan for getting to the hospital if you happen to go into labor at work? Is it unreasonable to think I'll be able to drive myself an hour there? I'm sure there are many variables, but any advice would be great.

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  • Im not adding much, but i work 1-1.5hrs away and am thinking i'll be able drive home. Figured if its too bad, i can wait and get picked up and leave my car there.
  • It largely depends on how quickly your labor progresses which none of us know ahead of time. I would say that as soon as you feel regular contractions to get your butt out the door. Do you have a co-worker you're close enough with or comfortable enough with to drive you? I think that would be the best action plan. You don't know how strong they'll get or how close together they'll be and an hour is a long time to be laboring in a car and trying not to get into an accident.
    My water broke first and I had a good two hours before the contractions were bad enough that they would distract me from doing something like driving. But everyone is different. With my sister's first child her water broke before contractions started and she only had 2 or 3 hours total before baby was born so she wasn't able to drive herself anywhere. And with her second and third her contractions were bad enough right off that she couldn't drive. So I would err on the side of caution and make sure to at least have a driving buddy.
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  • Definitely have a contingency plan and driving buddy in case you can't drive yourself. My commute is an hour, too, in heavy traffic. I work closer to the hospital I'm delivering at, though, so I'd rather be at work if I go into spontaneous labor. I plan on having my boss or coworker drive me to the hospital if I'm not up for the walk back to the parking garage and drive. My parents can get my car out of the garage while DH and I are at the hospital.

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  • Thanks, ladies! I think there are a few options in terms of coworkers who could drive me or at least follow behind in a car if I need to ditch my car and get a ride the rest of the way.
  • LIly436 said:


    Make sure that you check with your insurance company that this type of transportation would be allowed in a non-emergency situation. You'd be amazed at what is denied. My friend's toddler had a seizure and was unresponsive, EMTs called for LifeFlight, and insurance denied the claim stating it was unnecessary. And that was with EMTs making the call. Ambulance trips can be thousands and you definitely don't want stuck with that bill!

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  • Are you able to work from home? My commute is 1.5 hours with no traffic. I work out in the country and the there is a small hospital a mile from where I work but they send the pregnant ladies out (to a hospital an hour away) as quick as possible so that makes me nervous! Im 38 weeks and yesterday was my last day at work. My boss is great and is allowing me to work from home. I had intended on working until I went into labor but had a blood pressure scare last week and decided its just not worth it! 
  • This is why I stopped working (on winter break now but not going back after). I work in the city and getting home in the middle of the day or to my hospital would be a major PITA. Technically my leave starts when I'm at 38+2, good enough!
  • Unfortunately working from home is not an option. I'm an office manager and need to be there, plus I'm not returning after baby, so all my final days are spent training my replacement.
  • Checking with insurance is a must, but I was told that labor is an emergency and in traffic they move a lot faster. None of us want to end up with a huge bill, but I also don't want to end up being on the news channel as a woman, who gave birth in a car on a highway
  • My commute was also an hour, I also stopped working once Winter break began, although originally I planned to go back for 2 weeks. I found 2 hours in the car everyday was getting very uncomfortable. I'd definitely make sure your bags are packed and in the car, and have a planned driving buddy!
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