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Safe workouts and when to start?

Hi all! I'm about 10 weeks and 4 days. I have always been fairly active and don't really have a sit in the office all day type of job. I haven't worked out in a long time but feel I need to. I like to swim..and spent the summer bicycling...kayaking..walking etc. I know that I shouldn't be doing anything high insanity..etc..but does anyone have any good recommendations? Are free weights..and resistance bands ok..treadmill? My concern is miscarrying..I miscarried in August and I don't want to risk anything. Can I start now or should I wait til 12 weeks?? THANKS!

Re: Safe workouts and when to start?

  • Exercising is actually going to be one of the best things you can do for the little one! And for you- labor is so hard so you want your body to be in shape. Most exercise (other than anything with the potential for contact to the belly, like basketball or other contact sports) is still fair game during first tri. Resistance training and some cardio are both great :) As long as you listen to your body you and the baby are both safe.
    Some good resistance training exercises are:

    Overhead presses, lateral raises, bent over row- helps strengthen the upper back and shoulders to support the belly weight that might make you round your upper body. This will be great for pregnancy AND postpartum when you are holding baby a lot :)

    Reverse ab holds (with pillows to support), side crunches, and standing ab exercises: these strengthen your low back (which causes many women a lot of pain during pregnancy). Just make sure you are comfortable and modify with pillows so not flat on your back. Be careful with twisting exercises because it can strain the round ligament muscles on the sides of your uterus.

    Squats :)Strengthen thighs and glutes and also your pelvic floor (which is what you will use most to push during labor!)

    And Bicep curls and tricep kickbacks are great moves to keep your arms strong for when you will be carrying a baby around all day after the little one is born!

    Try this one :)

    Wishing you a safe, healthy pregnancy girl!

  • It's absolutely fine to start working out now especially if you've been active before pregnancy.  If you are worried about what is and what is not safe, I would suggest Autumn Calabrese's pregnancy workouts because the different workouts are split into trimesters so the exercises are specific to how far along you are.  Congrats and good luck! 
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