TTC after 35

Weekly check-in Dec 30

This check in is for anyone on this board to participate in and will occur every Wednesday. If you are new here and haven't made a separate intro on the main board please do so before checking in so we can "meet" you! It's easy to do just click the new discussion button in the top right and post away.

1. Your Name or Screen Name (not full names) and State you are from.

2. How long have you been TTC? Are you TTC #1,#2,#3, etc.?

3. What are you doing this cycle? Are you seeking help with a fertility specialist (RE)? If so, what stage are you in? Charting/temping? Testing? Medicated cycles? IUI? IVF? DE?

4. Where are you in your cycle? (Waiting to O, 2WW etc) If in the 2ww when will you test?

5. How do you feel about this cycle? (Are you hopeful, anxious... etc)

QOTW: Happy New Year! Who is going to make it up to midnight? ;) Any fun new year's plans or traditions to share?
Me (42) w/ partner for 16+ years
TTC #1: 11/2012 - 9/2013; 6/2014 - present
Follistim + TI (3x): All BFNs
Follistim + IUI (1x): BFN 
IVF #1: 17 retrieved,15 fertilized, Day 3: 15, Day 5/6: 3 biopsied
Result; 1 frozen blast (inconclusive PGS results)
IVF #2; ER: 6/22 16 retrieved, 6/25: 5 transferred (CP), 2 frozen
FET 9/17: BFN
Current FET -- Transferred 2 day-3 embryos - BFN

Re: Weekly check-in Dec 30

  • 1. Katherine from MA

    2. TTC#2 for about a year

    3. Getting my chicken pox series starting tomorrow (2 doses, a month apart) so on hold for now...

    4. CD 1

    5. Trying to see a pause as a break, trying to focus on myself and let myself regroup.  This TTC business is exhausting and stressful.  I think it will be nice for DH and me to have a little de-pressured time.

    QOTW- child mentioned
    We're going to do our best!  We'll be home with our daughter.  We make a yummy dinner (this year is a ridiculously good clam chowder and Irish brown bread, and bread pudding with bourbon sauce for dessert).  Our real tradition is being lazy and watching tv all day on New Year's day.  That's harder to do with a 2 year old, but we'll probably still be in our jammies all day.  
  • 1. sinnet from NY

    2. 5th month TTCAL

    3. charting/opk's, though I stopped temping 4dpo b/c it's too stressful for me and I'm working on not being all crazy

    4. I think I'm 7dpo today, though I haven't been checking my chart so i really can't remember at this point. This is good for me! it means I'm not obsessing and is exactly what I need. Planning to test Jan 4th or maybe the 5th if AF doesn't show before. 

    5. on NYE we take the kids to Friendly's (the kids' favorite restaurant), and New Year's Day we have dinner at my parents. :smile: 
    DD 6/2007
    DS 4/2009
    m/c 11/12/2010 ~ 7 wks
    m/c 7/4/2012 ~ 6 wks
    DD 12/2013
    mmc Baby Girl 7/12/2015 ~ 14 weeks  <3
    Twin girls! 8/26/2017

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  • 1. Laura from Virginia

    2. TTC#1for 6+ years.

    3. Half way through IVF #1. Had the retrieval at the end of November. Frozen transfer will be in January.

    4. Started estrogen pills today for the FET. Trying to build my lining up quickly!

    5. I'm excited. I haven't gotten to experience a tww since September. It's my turn soon!!

    QOTW: Can't get DH to make might just end up at home.
  • 1. Jenn from PA. 

    2. TTC #1 15 months ago, but several months were missed due to medical stuff (unrelated to TTC). 

    3. I have not been doing anything charting-wise or anything else lately, as I've been resentful and bitter.  I made an appointment with my OB in a few weeks.  I have only been seeing my PCP since TTC.

    4. AF is on her way out.

    5. I'm just rather pessimistic as of late - tired of feeling like I'm the only one trying.

    QOTW: Happy New Year to everyone!  DH and I are pretty low-key on NYE, we have started going out to dinner and that's about it.  Not sure we've made it to midnight the past couple of years.  His mom usually has us over NY day.
    Me: 41
    Husband: 40
    TTC#1 since 9/2014
    Unexplained Infertility - Trying naturally
  • 1. thistle8677, Oregon

    2. TTC# 5 (#1 for fiancé) 17mo. [recurrent loss]

    3. Opk's, vitamins/supplements

    4. 2dpo according to FF & opk's

    5. My man is still in the midst of a flare up, although it seems like maybe he's feeling a little better the past couple of days? So I'm not really putting too much stock into this month. Maybe I'm just getting better at being patient.

    QOTW: We are gonna attempt to stay up until midnight with the kids. I bought a bunch of hats and those confetti popper things ;)
    Happy New Year to all of you! Xo
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  • Sporty1216 from Nebraska

    TTC #2 for about a year

    Opks, preseed, prenatal vitamins

    10 or 11 DPO.

    Trying not to go crazy. Trying not to test until Sunday. Praying AF doesn't show and that this month is our month. Having some intermittent nausea and some breast tenderness. Trying to not ready too much in. I don't remember any symptoms at all during my TWW with LO, so I feel like I don't want to put stock in things one way or the other and just do my best to wait as patiently as possible.

    No plans for NYE. hoping the kiddo goes to bed early and that DH and I can just chill for a while. I seriously doubt I will be awake at midnight. Haha.
  • I responded late to the last check-in, so I'll check in here too!

    Kathleen in GA

    TTC #1 since early 2015

    IVF with acupuncture and TCM herbs

    Starting stims tomorrow

    Nervous wreck. But this gives me a 20-30% chance, and I'm trying to visualize that this really is the thing that's going to happen. I've at least decided I need to get a stress-relief massage.

    It helps that I'm watching a documentary where a 41-year-old gets pregnant the first time she tries IVF.

    We're going to a friend's house for a low key NYE party, where there's a bunch of kids, so plenty of sparkling grape juice. It's not going to be a wild party, and we might come home before midnight.
    Me- 39 (turning 40 in April), TTC for the first time ever (since Jan 2015), low ovarian reserve
    Married 3/14/14 to my wonderful wife, but her sperm count is rather low
    TTC with frozen donor sperm and science

    7 IUIs, 7 BFNs.
    2 IVF attempts, both cancelled and converted to IUI, both BFNs.
    Decided that my tired old ovaries are ready to retire.
    Next step- reciprocal IVF, using my wife's eggs, my uterus!  
    fresh 5 day transfer (2 embryos) 4/17/17- BFP! 
    Identical twins "due" 1/2/17 (but anticipated arrival sometime December)

  • Jen, Oregon

    TTC#1 since November


    CD23/8 DPO

    Feeling like this isn't our month. Our timing was probably off based on a late showing of EWCM and my crappy work schedule, plus I've had brown spotting the last three days (typical for me at this time). not too upset about it, I'm in the middle of selling a house and trying to figure out if my SO and I are going to buy or build a new one, so a lot is on our plate right now.

    We are going to a friend's house to play games and watch football. I work night shift so midnight shouldn't be a problem for me at least :)

    Me: 39 SO: 36

    Dx: low progesterone, possible DOR - officially "unexplained"

    TTC#1 since November 2015
    9/16/2016 IUI#1 - BFN
    10/12/2016 IUI#2 - BFN
    1/21/2017 Clomid/IUI#3 - BFN
    March 2017 IVF: BFP! (beta#1 191, beta#2 378!) - it's a boy! DS born 12/6/2017

    TTC #2 since July 2018
    May 2019 IVF #2: BFP! (beta#1 346, beta#2 646) - vanishing twin at 8 weeks. Baby B still going strong - due 2/8/20!
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  • 1. happyktmom from VA

    2. TTC#2 since 4/2014

    3. Not a darn thing!  I am not charting or temping - it's kind of making me crazy, but a break is a break - right! 
    (Sorry, should I even be checking in?)  I did start DIM for my PCOS and it seems to be making a vast improvement to my acne breakouts and chin hair :D

    4. I actually had to look it up! I'm CD14

    5. Not hopeful, not anxious, not stressing about it.  It feels great!

    I wish I had a really wonderful new years tradition.  I honestly like to go on my deck and watch my neighbors fireworks.  It's usually a lot colder but we're having quite a warm spell!

    I just wanted to say that I hope 2016 brings all of you ladies magical moments!
    **child mentioned**
    Me(38)PCOS/Hypothyroid   DH(43)Low T/ED
    MMC at 10 weeks 03/2011 DD born 01/2012   TTC #2 since 04/2014
    BFP 8/26/2016

  • @KLake42 I watched that documentary a few month ago! I also found it encouraging :)

    BernieRae Oregon

    TTC #1 for 2+ years

    IUI attempt #2 with clomid. Started on thyroid medication since my TSH is higher than the RE likes to see. Taking the prenatals and vitamin D more seriously this month. For no good reason I had only been taking 1/2 dose of prenatal and rarely took the D.

    CD 8. Mid cycle ultrasound scheduled for Sunday morning. Thinking IUI will be Monday which is the fist day back to work (school). Trying not to stress out about missing work/finding a sub. I was so close to getting it all in before break was over!

    Feeling hopeful for 2016. I wonder if this thyroid med will help at all. Although if it is going to help it probably would take at least a month to kick in so not sure what that means for my chances this cycle. Fingers still crossed. Started off the cycle on a sour note. DH and I talked about how we can't really afford IUI this cycle. This was after it was too late to cancel the first ultrasound so we decided to just move forward with it. It was sort of a freak out moment after overdoing it around the holidays and we're both feeling better about it now. Fertility treatments sometimes feel like putting money in a slot machine, but we're glad we're trying.

    Heading to a neighborhood bar later. I like to be in bed by 10pm so we'll see how this goes... Planning to visit the mountain tomorrow for some fun in the snow. 

    Wishing us all a wonderful 2016!

  • 1. Rita from CA 

    2. TTC#2 for a year and a half, 2 MC's 1 CP

    3. Just doing progesterone and baby aspirin, reached out about talking to an RE but nothing scheduled yet. 

    4. CD8 

    5. Feeling less hopeful since we had great timing last month and nothing. 

    QOTW: Happy New Year! I made it to about 10:30 and that was after going to bed at 10 and watching  show on the ipad. I havent had energy to stay up late since before DD was born in 2013. Im old ;)
  • 1. HepCat from WA
    2. TTC #3 for about 6-7 months.
    3. Our deal is to let #3 happen naturally (if it's going to happen), so I keep any eye on CM and ovulation pain, but that's about it.
    4. I have no idea where I'm at in my cycle since my miscarriage on the 22nd. I got my period back really quickly after both my kids (about 6 weeks pp while exclusively breastfeeding), but I don't know if it means I'll get it back quickly after a miscarriage or not. I find not knowing where I am in my cycle to be very weird.
    5. Not feeling too optimistic this month, between a recent loss and not knowing what's going on with my body. 

    We didn't make it to midnight. We went to bed around 11:30. I was still up when midnight hit though. No big traditions here.
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