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Ya'll... it was implantation bleeding (BFP and previous loss mentioned)

So I have been having light light spotting since 10DPO and what blew my mind was my breast tenderness never went away (it always goes away a day or 2 before starting AF), so I was genuinely confused as to what was happening because I was in the mindset implantation bleeding is rare from reading the boards. I also mentally convinced myself not to believe it possible that I would get pregnant this cycle, this tactic was actually helping me get through the TWW with less stress. Yesterday morning I decided to test with a wandfo just to get it out of my head, and I saw a faint line. I got so freaked out I dropped the wandfo in the toilet so I didn't have time to over analyze it. Luckily I had peed in an actual cup so I took out a digital and dipped it and it came back pregnant. 

Guys....I am terrified of losing this pregnancy, irrationally, not sane, terrified. This was the exact same month I got pregnant last year and I only made it to 8 weeks. I am still having the light light spotting and this is not helping my state of mind. I had my progesterone tested yesterday at 12DPO and it is 28.4 so at least that number is good. I know that for my health I have to let this fear go. I never imagined it would be this hard, but right now I am pregnant.

I really want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for the support and help, the laughs and the over-shares. I have found a level of love and acceptance here that helps me keep my faith and hope in the good and magic of the world. I was reading a blog of a woman the other day who had a long TTC journey and one thing she wrote just struck me to my core- "never give up faith, never give up trying, never give up hope that it will happen for you." I wish for every woman on this board to always have hope that your BFP will come. Thank you, thank you!

Re: Ya'll... it was implantation bleeding (BFP and previous loss mentioned)

  • congrats @createillumination! Wishing you a sticky bean and h&h 9 months.

    Keep us posted. Do you have an appt scheduled yet?
    Me (42) w/ partner for 16+ years
    TTC #1: 11/2012 - 9/2013; 6/2014 - present
    Follistim + TI (3x): All BFNs
    Follistim + IUI (1x): BFN 
    IVF #1: 17 retrieved,15 fertilized, Day 3: 15, Day 5/6: 3 biopsied
    Result; 1 frozen blast (inconclusive PGS results)
    IVF #2; ER: 6/22 16 retrieved, 6/25: 5 transferred (CP), 2 frozen
    FET 9/17: BFN
    Current FET -- Transferred 2 day-3 embryos - BFN

  • Congratulations! It's scary once you've experienced loss- it colors things. But at least you know your numbers are looking good so far and that the worry isn't based on anything that's happening now. Enjoy your BFP! Sending lots of good wishes your way! What a way to start the new year!
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  • Congrats!  I'm sorry you have to experience feelings of doubt with these exciting feelings, but I wish you the best and I hope all goes smoothly this time for you!
    Me: 41
    Husband: 40
    TTC#1 since 9/2014
    Unexplained Infertility - Trying naturally
  • Thanks so much ladies!

    @dolphin012 As long as I stay low risk I will be working with midwives for a homebirth. In that model the only ultrasound I would do would be at 20weeks. However, I will do one at 10weeks for the maternity21 test (downs testing and more) but will wait it out until then. Looking back I am really happy that this was the way it was for my last loss. I MC at 8 weeks, but I have a gut feeling the baby stopped growing at 6weeks. Had I gone in sooner I would have had to wait 2 weeks for the MC to happen naturally, I think it was easier for it to happen spontaneously without the waiting. The only thing I would have done differently is tested my progesterone to make sure that is not why it happened, which I did immediately this time and it isn't a problem. I might change my mind, the midwives will order me an ultrasound anytime I want, but the ultrasound won't change the outcome of the pregnancy so I figure I just have to wait and see. 
  • Congrats! It feels like it was just a few weeks ago you were introducing yourself! You've been quite a positive contributor the past few months and wish you nothing but the best. May 2016 be the best year yet for you!
  • Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and that the bfps streak continues for the 35+ crowd! I completely understand your worry as I too had a recent loss, but I'm taking it one day at a time and it has been a powerful lesson in accepting what we cannot control! H&H 9 months!
  • CONGRATULATIONS!! @createillumination
    I know how hard it is to wait and see...I'm sorry you have to brave the next several weeks.
    Wishing you a h&h9 months :)
    You are surrounded by love and support...hang in there! Xoxo
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  • Congrats! I can definitely relate to the fear & worry after loss. Hoping you find peace and have a wonderful and healthy 9m. :)
    DD 6/2007
    DS 4/2009
    m/c 11/12/2010 ~ 7 wks
    m/c 7/4/2012 ~ 6 wks
    DD 12/2013
    mmc Baby Girl 7/12/2015 ~ 14 weeks  <3
    Twin girls! 8/26/2017

  • Congratulations!!!! I was just wondering about that blood-tinged CM you reported. :) so glad it was the sign of good news. Please keep us updated and I wish you all the best!
  • Woo hoo!!!!!

    Me- 39 (turning 40 in April), TTC for the first time ever (since Jan 2015), low ovarian reserve
    Married 3/14/14 to my wonderful wife, but her sperm count is rather low
    TTC with frozen donor sperm and science

    7 IUIs, 7 BFNs.
    2 IVF attempts, both cancelled and converted to IUI, both BFNs.
    Decided that my tired old ovaries are ready to retire.
    Next step- reciprocal IVF, using my wife's eggs, my uterus!  
    fresh 5 day transfer (2 embryos) 4/17/17- BFP! 
    Identical twins "due" 1/2/17 (but anticipated arrival sometime December)

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    Had to pop in and congratulate you!!!  I completely understand your fear. I hope the time goes quickly and all goes well. Good luck!!
    TTC#1 since Jan 2015
    BFP 2/19/15  •  MMC found at 9 wks  •  D&E at 11 wks (age 36)
    BFP 8/29/15
      •  CP (age 37)
    BFP 11/18/15  •  DD born at 41 weeks <3(age 37/38)

    TTC#2 since May 2017
    BFP 10/18/17  •  MMC found at 8 wks  •  Misoprostal at 10.5 wks (age 39)

    BFP 2/16/18
      •  CP (age 39)
    BFP 4/13/18
      •  CP (age 39)
    BFP 5/07/18  •  MMC found at 10.5 wks  •  D&E at 11.5 wks 
    •  Testing showed it was a girl with Trisomy 22. (age 39/40)
    9/5/18 Diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve (4-5 follicles, one ovary had none and was very atrophied)

    RE says the low egg count is likely causing my recurrent pregnancy loss. Less eggs results in more aneuploidy.

    BFP 9/24/18  • 
    CP (age 40)
    BFP 5/11/19  •  Fraternal twins  •  MMC found at 10w5d (Baby A 6w, Baby B 10w)  •  Misoprostal at 11 weeks (age 41)

  • Yay!! What wonderful news! I've had two losses so am right with you with all the fear and anxiety. Try to just take one day at a time. So so so happy for you!!! Happy New Year!!!
    ME: 36 (PCOS), DH: excellent SA
    NTNP since 11/12, actively trying since 8/14
    m/c @ 7w (4/22/14), m/c @ 6w (11/19/14)
    11/15: Letrozole, Ovidrel, TI = BFP!!!
    Beta #1(14dpo)=349, Beta #2(18dpo)=2,805
    12/17/15: Got to see the heartbeat (105bpm)!
    1/25/16: NT scan = normal (HB=163bpm)
    EDD: 8/10/16 
    8/8/16: Baby boy born @ 12:25am, 8lbs, 20.5 inches
    5/18/17: BFP!!! (11dpo)
    Beta #1(12dpo)=176.4, Beta #2(15dpo)=607.1
  • Yay. Congratulations. Guess we will have 1 more coming to the pregnant and over 35 board. That place is going to be hopping soon.

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  • Congrats!! And it is SUPER common for women to have spotting in early pregnancy, so don't worry! Enjoy the BFP! Yay!
    Me: 39 SO: 36

    Dx: low progesterone, possible DOR - officially "unexplained"

    TTC#1 since November 2015
    9/16/2016 IUI#1 - BFN
    10/12/2016 IUI#2 - BFN
    1/21/2017 Clomid/IUI#3 - BFN
    March 2017 IVF: BFP! (beta#1 191, beta#2 378!) - it's a boy! DS born 12/6/2017

    TTC #2 since July 2018
    May 2019 IVF #2: BFP! (beta#1 346, beta#2 646) - vanishing twin at 8 weeks. Baby B still going strong - due 2/8/20!
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  • Thank you guys so much your support means a lot to me!
  • Congratulations! Best wishes for the upcoming months xo
  • I am so happy for you!!!  Sad to see you go so soon, but REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU!
    The fear is hard to go away.  Just take deep breaths and know you have done and are going to continue to do everything in your power to hold on to this pregnancy.  It is out of your control at this point. 
    This gives us all such high hopes!  What a Happy New Year for you!!  Without the Champagne!!

    **child mentioned**
    Me(38)PCOS/Hypothyroid   DH(43)Low T/ED
    MMC at 10 weeks 03/2011 DD born 01/2012   TTC #2 since 04/2014
    BFP 8/26/2016

  • I'm going to miss you guys so much, i'll be lurking of course but it's not the same. If anyone ever wants to ask me anything about herbs/supplements or tcm/acupuncture,yoga or meditation please don't hesitate!
  • Congratulations! Thanks for all of your insights and motivation here. Just read your reply to the discussion about your "secret to success". Good reminder about the heated seats. I promptly sent a text to DH about that one!  I'll especially miss your GTKY posts :) This board has really been on fire lately with the BFPs! Hope to join you all on the other side in the new year!

  • Yay! Congrats!! Don't forget to enjoy some virgin drinks on your vacation :)
    Me: 39 SO: 36

    Dx: low progesterone, possible DOR - officially "unexplained"

    TTC#1 since November 2015
    9/16/2016 IUI#1 - BFN
    10/12/2016 IUI#2 - BFN
    1/21/2017 Clomid/IUI#3 - BFN
    March 2017 IVF: BFP! (beta#1 191, beta#2 378!) - it's a boy! DS born 12/6/2017

    TTC #2 since July 2018
    May 2019 IVF #2: BFP! (beta#1 346, beta#2 646) - vanishing twin at 8 weeks. Baby B still going strong - due 2/8/20!
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  • Such great news! Congrats!!!
  • CONGRATULATIONS @createillumination!!  So very happy for you!!
    *** Child & current pregnancy mentioned ***
    Me - 41 (PCOS), Hubby - 43 (healthy)
    7/2013 - Sweet baby girl born (Clomid + TI)
    3/2014 - TTC #2, return to RE 7/2014
    12/2015: IVF #1 transferred two great looking embryos - BFP!
    First ultrasound: TWO beautiful little heartbeats!!
    Harmony: negative; level 2: babies look great and are boy/girl! :) 
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations. Posts like this give us all hope.
  • Lurking... And so excited for you! Congratulations! I know the worry, trust me, but it doesn't help (or hurt, so no added pressure!) Just relax, take it one day (or one hour) at a time. It gets (a little) easier each week. :)
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