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Winning Wednesday

Who or what is winning today
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Re: Winning Wednesday

  • I have mastered the art of picking things up with my toes so I don't have to bend over. Yesterday I was able to get a straw off the floor. I'm pretty happy with my new skill!
    Married 2006
    DS1 2010
    DS2 2013
    DD1 2016
  • I had IHOP for breakfast with DH since he's working late today. That's enough win for me!
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  • We switched from sprint to Verizon last night, we saved over $100 on our monthly bill AND added two tablets to our account. I got the iPad and the iPhone 6S+. Still trying to figure them both out, I love it!!
  • Managed to hit my little personal goal of being able to still wear heels until 36 weeks. Now 37w today, I'm off of work til Monday and phone conferencing and Skyping from then til my due date :) sounds silly but heels to me are like lipstick to others- I just feel together when I have them on. Plus flats seem to be making my feet swell (sparing you all the pic).
  • Nothing is winning about today other than I have one more day left of work before maternity leave
  • We finally got our tax refund!!!  Our accountant messed up our original return, then messed up our amended return (including our freaking address!) so I didn't think it would arrive before baby, but it came in just under the wire.  The money means we'll get to buy the rest of the things we needed for the baby's room and also a glider, which is something I really, really wanted to have but put in the "splurge" column, just in case we had extra money.  :)  So relieved.
  • It didn't start off as a winning Wednesday but hoping it will end up as one. DS wanted to snuggle all day but was refusing to take a nap. But since we snuggled all day, now that he is napping, I think I have enough energy to tidy up the whirlwind of toys all over. Fingers crossed!
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  • I went to the grocery store and didn't kill anyone!
  • I had qdoba for the first time today. Forget you, chipotle! Also, my husband just went to find me chocolate cake. I love food
  • My husband works next to the best dessert place in the city, average meals but amazing desserts. He came home with not one but four slices of chocolate chip walnut pie!
    Married 2006
    DS1 2010
    DS2 2013
    DD1 2016
  • mrsgetz4000mrsgetz4000 member
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    I have a horrendous sweet tooth. Pregnancy as only amplified it.
  • And my husband is well aware lol
  • My DH is back from his trip and got tattoo's with my name initials and my son name so much in love......
  • I have some winning going on. My mechanic is going to have my car fixed by Saturday since I am pregnant and a nurse. Yays!
    My sister has been super mean to me, so I know exactly what I'm going to do and say to her. Nothing harsh or mean, just a fact. It will make her shut up. And that's freedom in itself.
  • I literally planted myself on the couch and stayed in PJs all day.  It was lovely.  
  • I literally planted myself on the couch and stayed in PJs all day.  It was lovely.  

    I am jealous!
  • I walked three miles outside yesterday and didn't slip on the ice once! 
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