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short luteal phase and the longest it took you to get a BFP

Hi ladies,

I'm just curious to see what other's experience has been with this.  I know your stories and experiences mean nothing about mine, but I'm super curious to hear what others experiences have been.  Typically my LP is 12 days, the longest its been is 13.  I've heard that this can vary by a day either on the lower side, so maybe it would be 11 one month or on the high side so maybe its 13 days the next month.  I've also heard that if your LP is on the shorter side, 12 days or less that you usually have to wait a little longer or sometimes will have to wait a little longer to get a BFP because you could have late implantation.  So here I am at 14 DPO and my temp is still high.  I took a HPT this am and it was negative.  Usually my temp drops and AF shows immediately.  I'm not asking if I'm pregnant, I'm really not.  I also know i'll have to more than likely continue to wait things out.

Really just curious to see if others with a short LP how long or what day you were able to turn a HPT.

Re: short luteal phase and the longest it took you to get a BFP

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    My LP was consistently 9 or 10 days (depending on how I read my charts) and I got BFP on second cycle trying. I was really nervous about the short LP because I charted for three months before pulling the goalie/trying to get pregnant and I got myself pretty worked up. I have since read that doctors and researchers have different opinions about whether short LP even matters (presumably short LPers have early implanting babies).  Try not to sweat it too much until you have been trying for a few months at least.  Enjoy the ride and good luck!

    Edit to add: I got a suuuuper light line on wondfo on 10DPO, and positive on digital on 11DPO
  • 12 day leutal phases here and the times I've gotten bfps have all been between 10-12dpo
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    12 day LP is not short. Anything over 10 is normal. Not everyone has a text book 14 day LP. Honestly I don't think a normal LP really has much to do with when you will get a BFP, it just depends how long it takes the egg to travel down the tube and implant into the ute- For some people that takes 7 days, for some it takes 10. This is why a true short LP would be an issue, as your can begin shedding your lining on day 10 when implantation is just begining.  My two ectopics I didn't get a BFP until 13PDO (started testing around 10dpo) this pregnancy I got a BFP at 9DPO.

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  • Your LP isn't short, as PP said. It's just on the short side of normal. I have an 11 day LP and got a BFP on 10DPO. And quick as I turned an FRER, and without FMU, I wouldn't be surprised if I could have turned a test 9DPO, but I didn't test that day.
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  • I agree that 12 days isn't unusually short. Mine is generally 12 days and I got pregnant on our first cycle trying with a BFP at 14DPO.
  • My LP ran around 14-15 days but I got a faint positive on 8dpo I believe and it just got darker. I tested EOD until I was actually late for my period because it was so early when I found out.
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  • I got a bfp on 14dpo
  • I had a 9 or 10 day LP, and I got my BFP on the third cycle of trying at 11DPO. I was planning to test that day anyway, but I had a spike in temp at the day as well.

  • Mine was normally 12 days. That isn't short. I have gotten a BFP on the evening on 13 dpo and mid day 9 dpo.
  • I had a 9 day LP and got a BFP on my 4th cycle of TTC.
  • It only took me three cycles to get pregnant but my LP was 12 and 11 days for those two cycles I got AF. I believe LP is only a concern if it's under 10 days.
  • It took one cycle to conceive and I found at at 11dpo.
  • I have an 8-9 day LP and I got a faint BFP on a wondfo at 8dpo.   Also, try not to sweat the length of your LP.  It isn't even "short," and even if it were, there's not a lot of evidence that a shorter LP is problematic for fertility.
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  • I got my BFP on 2nd cycle at 11dpo with and 11day LP. Hope you get your positive soon!
  • My LP was 9 or 10 days and I got a BFP during my third cycle (obvious positive at 10 DPO). Good luck!
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  • I was 15 dpo before I got a positive and it was faint then. Not really a BFP till 16-17 dpo
  • I have a 11 day luteal phase and got a BFP on 12dpo (the day I usually get my period)
  • For me it took like 5 days after expected period... suspected short luteal phase but was not temping so not 100 percent sure.
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  • 11 day LP here and I have always tested on 11 DPO for my positives.  I usually knew by 10 DPO because of my temps, though... the tests were just to confirm my suspicion.
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  • Lurking from TTGP. Just wanted to say that I found this thread comforting. I'm on CD19 of my first month temping and I'm pretty sure O
    is today. Maybe I'll have a longer cycle this month - normal would be 28 days, but I'm also
    still BFing my toddler 2-3x/day, so I'm wondering about LP length. 
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  • I was exactly the same way! Charting for 3 months, consistent LP of about 8-9 days. Was worried because of what I read about a short LP and freaked myself out. Took a test just one day after missed period and was pregnant (10 DPO)! So don't worry too much about it...I wish I had known that lots of women have a short LP and can get pregnant easily (first try!) :)
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