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Would you consider this spotting?

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Yesterday we were out and about and i didn't get to change my panty linner for abour 8 hrs (im on progesterone). When we finally got home they line had a very very light tint of pink on the outside of the progesterone. kinda looked like a sweat ring around it. And the red tint was super light in color. :( this was me super worried i cant sleep! Oh and i am pregnant about 5 weeks. I hope this is the right board to post in!

Re: Would you consider this spotting?

  • I hope you called your doctor but for some reason I think pink discharge can occur while on progesterone sups. Fx everything is ok. Congrats
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  • The suppositories can irritate the blood vessels and cause some slight bleeding.
    I would call in just to let them know, but I'm sure they'll tell you to take it easy and call them if the bleeding worsens.
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