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feeling down and emotional

I've been going a lot through this pregnancy........ from my husband and I being kicked out of my inlaws house when I was only about 10 weeks pregnant to my hubby and I arguing all the time because he felt sad we got kicked out. I have been on bed rest since September due to bleeding for placenta previa. I have been to L&D like 6 times already for my previa. Then in October I got into a car accident luckly baby and I are both ok. Then in November I got diagnosed with GD which is draining me out..... Now for the past week I have spent two nights at L&D because of incompetent cervix, only measuring about 1.5cm and spotting. Then on Monday I went for a NST test where they said I was having contractions 5 minutes apart and had to spend another night at L&D...... where they did a Fetal fibronectin test it came back positive. They gave me steroid shots 24 hours apart for babies lungs to mature and also gave me stuff to stop my contractions. Last night I just broke down in front of my Nurse. I feel like I'm going into depression :( I just want my baby to be healthy and I make it to atleast 36 weeks :( ... ..I'm 31+5 days pregnant and measuring almost 37 weeks :(..... On top off all that my hubby is not letting me get anything for the nursery cuz he thinks it's bad luck...... we have no crib no nothing yet..... he said we could do it after the baby is here..... and he said no baby shower because it's bad luck too :( 

Re: feeling down and emotional

  • I'm so sorry you're going through all of this!! I don't think it's a good idea to keep waiting at this point . You're well past viability and thinking positive is really the most important thing right now. T&P for you and baby!
  • And I'm in the hospital again, with extreme pain on right side under ribs...... doctor is saying I have kidney stones :(
  • It's not bad luck to start getting baby stuff now...when you wait until baby arrives it will be too late and you will stress even more. At least have a stroller, car seat, rock N play (bassinets are a waste in my opinion), diapers, wipes, bottles and clothes. They won't need much until month 3. I hope all goes well for you!
  • That is a lot to be going through! Maybe it's possible to ask to speak with someone at the hospital because that's got to be a lot to handle.

    I would definitely see if DH would be willing to get minimal things because if he isn't that means he is going to need to go get stuff RIGHT after baby comes. I mean he does understand you aren't going to be going on target runs the next morning, right?


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