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How did you settle nerves after BFP!?

(Reposting because my other account was deleted- sorry!)

Hello ladies (and any gents that may be here).  My story is a long one but to sum it up, I was married tried for 5+ years with my (now) ex husband and tried everything short of IVF (Couldn't afford it, zero insurance coverage for that).  Mild PCOS and late ovulation, but otherwise no reason to explain why we couldn't.  Unfortunately, we ended up going our separate ways.  After dating my now fiancé for 8 months- I didn't think using contraception was a huge issue, I mean I couldn't possibly get pregnant with him after SO many years of trying.  Yeah.. I was wrong. 

 I took a test about a  week after my missed period, thinking just the stress of a new job, a big move and the holiday stress was making me late.  I mostly took it to prove to myself I wasn't.  Imagine my shock (and damn near falling onto the floor) when I got a BFP just before going to bed one night, naturally I put on clothes, went to the store and bought/took about 9 more tests of varying brands.  All of which were +++++.  My typical PMS symptoms are the same as early pregnancy, very sore breasts, moody and vague cramping.  I had all of these although my breasts slightly more tender than normal and now I've got vague nausea.  Not terrible (yet). 

I'm almost 6 weeks at this point and I find myself now convinced and so anxious that I'm going to have a chemical pregnancy or an ectopic.  In starting a new job my insurance doesn't kick-in for about 3 more weeks.  Therefore I'm trying to hold-off on going to my OB/GYN until then just so I'm not paying an astronomical amount out of pocket.  Did anyone else go through these anxieties and fears?  If so, how did you deal with it?  I just feel like it's way too good to be true and there's no way this will work out.

I appreciate any advice- and look forward to chatting with everyone in the months to come!


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Re: How did you settle nerves after BFP!?

  • If you really want an ultrasound before your insurance kicks in, there are many botique places that will do them for a fee. It's usually somewhere between $50-$100+, but it can't hurt to check out your options.

    Otherwise, first trip is full of waiting and worrying. Just try to relax and check out the option I told you above. Congrats!

  • I understand your fears completely! My DH and I couldn't have children on our own. After failed IVF treatments we went another route and I finally got that BFP!! I'm only 12dpt and excited as can be but I'm also so afraid. I question every cramp and twinge. The only thing that is easing my mind at the moment is my blood tests. Hcg levels keep rising. I have a third next week and I'm still on edge until I know that number is still increasing....
    I constantly remind myself, one day at a time, and most of all...I'm finally pregnant!!!
    Take your prenatals, check with quick cares about costs of an hcg test, maybe some doubling numbers will help put you at ease until you can get into the doctor.
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