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Is anyone else already planning their next baby? Haha... I must be crazy. I had a great pregnancy, I loved being pregnant! My labor kind of sucked but I ended up with the best baby, it makes me want to do it again really soon. I wanted to wait 2 years before I was going to TTC, but now I might wait only 1 year. I want my kids close in age, and I'm not getting any younger (I'm 33), so why not? Anyone else doing the same?

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  • We've talked about it but unlike you our baby is well I think she's difficult. She's got reflux and cries I mean screams quite a bit during the evening especially, she doesn't sleep well up for extended ours during the evening I could go on. So I need to get through newborn stage first.
  • No. I LOVED being pregnant. I thought to myself I would get pregnant again right away at the end of my pregnancy however my baby turned out to be a handful. So much, we will go longer than we had planned unfortunately.
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  • We are done! But...this is our third and our oldest turned 3 at the beginning of October. Our kids are about 18-19 months apart. We waited 9 months to try for the next one. We were going to wait longer on this one but decided to go for it and then be done. We aren't spring chickens ;(DH is 40 and I just turned 34). This was by far the hardest pregnancy I've had and makes it that much easier to be done.
  • Yes me, at first I wanted to have them close in age to but after I had my baby girl 3 weeks ago it was the most painful labor of curs very worth it but right away I was like I'm never having another kid , I told my doctor it was funny he said that's what every one says till they forget about the pain and so true lol... Here I am forgot how the pain felt like now I want another one we were thinking a year !
  • DH and i want another in theory, and he's more interested in getting started sooner rather than later, but I can't think about that right now. Pregnancy was pretty easy, but that's only 9 months. Then you have this little creature to care for. I don't know what I would do right now if I had a toddler too! But we aren't super young either (DH is 37, I'm 31) so if we do I imagine we will wait 1.5 years to try again. And I would probably take a semester off or something, because I'm wondering how I'm supposed to teach this spring semester!
  • Our little miracle is the last of 4- I'm 35 dh is 42 we are D O N E.
    I will say my cousin has an 18-month old & a 6-month old - she loves it. Of course she's also 25 & has a background in early childhood, her mom is a retired school teacher & her sister (w/ no kids) is a special Ed teacher & helps her quite a bit.
    If you have the guts & the support go for it!!
  • Yes! We are going to start trying again in about a year. It took us a year to get pregnant this time, so I want to start trying as soon as we're ready.
  • We originally wanted our babies to be close in age, but after Henry we are thinking that 2-3 years is alright before we even think about wanting another. Of course that is probably going to change but not anytime in the next few months.
  • I had a great pregnancy and loved being pregnant too. I delivered 6 weeks early and just had my postpartum appointment yesterday.  I asked about my chances of delivering preemie again and the Dr. said my risk is higher next time around, so I'd be a candidate to receive shots from week 16-37 to keep baby in and growing.  Both DH and I are 30, so if we do end up having another child, it will probably be 2-3 years from now. I also just started teaching full time last year and didn't acquire much time off yet, so I'd like for my sick time to stack up a few years before I take a leave from work again. 

  • We have a 20 month old and this Lo who is 3 weeks. After our first was born I was all about having another baby right away and we did. Now with a toddler and a new baby I can wait at least 2 years.


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  • We want a larger family. We were thinking of waiting for 9 months but we will see. I hated being pregnant to be honest... Labor was a little traumatizing (i don't know if the hospital was under staffed or what but there were too many mistakes being done to my body for the first time around)

    And I took a peek downstairs at the stitching situation and cried for an hour. I don't know when I'll be okay with my husband seeing it.
  • I'm due with my fourth in Feb. This is our last baby. I just turned 25 and my husband is 26. Even though I had amazing/easy pregnancies my husband and I compromised on four. My first two are 24 months apart, second to third are 19 months apart, and my third to fourth baby will be 3 years 3 mo apart.
  • Yes! I can't wait to give little man a brother or sister! Have been googling how long to wait to get pregnant after a c section. Everything I've found says to wait 18 months to two years though. Since I'm turning 37 in a couple months, I really don't want to wait that long! Will be talking to doctor at 6 week appointment to see how soon we're allowed to start trying again.
  • We waited at least a year before getting pregnant again. Our first was not difficult, but it took me a while to lose pregnancy weight, and I didn't even lose all of it, and I don't like being pregnant. DH and I are both 38 and DD turned 2 in September. She is in preschool twice a week, so that will make things a little easier with having a toddler and a new baby at the same time. We are absolutely done with two kids :)


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  • I couldn't imagine being pregnant while taking care of a baby. A friend of mine has babies 10 months apart and she loves it. We will be waiting at least 3-5 years. I'm 22 and DH is 25.
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    Edit: 3.5 weeks in and I think, no. We're done. I still have pp pain and bleeding. I never want to deliver vaginally again. I'm terrified of everything because I think the entire universe is out to harm her or separate her from me. So there's the trauma aspect. It sucked and I'm done with it.

    But then, see.. there's this other side of it. Olive is perfect, pretty much. The kid sleeps, you guys. She sleeps, she latches, she's exceeding all milestones. My pregnancy was perfect, pretty much. My body bounced back within days, pretty much. Sure, there's a bit of tidying up left to do but honestly i don't look like I delivered a baby 3 weeks ago. I breastfeed successfully this go around despite having flat nipples and suffering mastitis in my first two weeks. The likelihood of everything working out this well ever again is pretty much zero. I may get a screamer. I may wind up with HG, severe hormonal disruptions, severe weight gain or loss. I may never look or feel the same again. The universe granted me one perfect pregnancy that resulted in one wonderfully patient child. Do i really want to screw with those odds?

    And hell man, it's STILL hard. I STILL find this difficult. It is STILL the most challenging thing I've ever set out to do. I worry constantly. I feel like Olive is actually four people crammed into one tiny body. I feel like a trainwreck. I'm afraid all the time. I don't want to raise multiple instances of these things. I'm too selfish to care for more than one. I want to be able to successfully balance my wants and needs with my baby's/child's/teenager's wants and needs. I want to spoil her, to spoil my husband, to spoil myself. The more kids I have, the less spoiling my family gets and the less far our incomes go.

    Seriously. If that sounds selfish, then fine. I'm selfish. Veni Vidi Vici.
  • The day after I gave birth (and was still in the hospital!) DH asked me if I already wanted another one :D and I said yes haha
    I'd do it again, but my pregnancy was pretty easy and so was my labor.
    We'll probably wait a year but who knows... Accidents happen all the time ;)
  • I'm 3 days over due, and super uncomfortable (dyh) so it's hard to think of doing this again. My hubby and I are Canadians living in the US, and I think we want to wait until we are home to have our next (probably August of 2017). I'm 31 now so I don't want to wait too long, but I think a year and a half is a good amount of time!
  • @stephaniearthurs I'm a Canadian living in the US too! I said I wanted to wait to have my babies in Canada but we have no plans to move up there any time soon. We are actually moving further into the US next month >:( DH is American so he doesn't push for it like I do. He keeps saying we will move there eventually... Sure, I'll believe it when it happens
  • We had planned to wait about 3 years after the first since neither of us wanted more than one in diapers at a time. The pregnancy wasn't horrible but the delivery was rough a mote than a bit scary. Then everything we went through with DS and multiple protein intolerance.

    We might have been a bit crazy but we both kept talking about knowing we wanted another one anyway and it wasn't easy to get pregnant the first time. We kind of ended up in a mode of not trying not to get pregnant and now here we are with a 14 month old and a 1 month old. It get insane at times but so very worth it and DD really is a pretty easy baby.

    We would both like one more if we can but this one will have to wait until circumstances are better to be able to fit another kiddo- can't fit three in a car.
  • @stephaniearthurs I'm a Canadian living in the US too! I said I wanted to wait to have my babies in Canada but we have no plans to move up there any time soon. We are actually moving further into the US next month >:( DH is American so he doesn't push for it like I do. He keeps saying we will move there eventually... Sure, I'll believe it when it happens

    Hubby and I are both Canadian and he is Canadian military so we are on a posting so we get a end date (although they could ask for us to stay a year longer). I'm happy to have a little dual citizen, but I also would like to have one in Canada!!
  • Nope. One and done. Easy pregnancy, easy baby, no stretch marks....

    I am so not going to push my luck.

    This is exactly what I said after mine was born. Lol. My pregnancy was easy, my baby is easy but the delivery was hell. We need time before we try our luck again. My brother and sister in law were overzealous and had my niece close in age to their oldest, who is an easy child. But my niece is a nightmare.
  • Just had my 2nd. DS1 is 26 months and DS2 is 2 weeks and having a newborn and a toddler is HARD! I think we are done at two but I have a feeling I'll be wanting another in a few years. I will say that I saw two prego moms when I was out today and I felt an odd sense of jealousy.
  • @stephaniearthurs I'm a Canadian living in the US too!

    Me too!
  • I am at 5 and done. Experiencing a csection and recovering from it robbed me of any desire to try again.
  • This is my first, but I had a very rough pregnancy with HG and being hospitalized many times. It was a traumatizing time for me and my body. I've always wanted just two but the HG is what's holding me back from trying again. DH and I (if we do end up trying for another) won't be until our little girl is about 5 or so. We've got time and I just want to enjoy every moment with princess
  • Nope. One and done. Easy pregnancy, easy baby, no stretch marks....

    I am so not going to push my luck.

    This. We wanted a boy, we have a boy, we are done. My mom has two grandsons so she is pushing me and my brother (ours sons are 4 months apart) to have another so she can get her girl. NOPE!!
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    My pregnancy was alright, I was really miserable the last two months with chronic pain and unable to sleep at night (hahah, little did I know what having a newborn would be like).
    My delivery really sucked, nothing went the way it normally does, I ended up with an on call doctor who actually told me he was not sure what we should do to get the baby out, 17 hours into it. In the end, I got my beautiful baby boy but I seriously have flashbacks of labor and just don't know how I could ever go through that again. I'm 5weeks PP and still in pain (4th degree tear).
    I will probably have to wait 2 years until I forget how bad it all was.
    I absolutely love babies, even the crazy newborn phase and would have 10 if I didn't have to go through that again!
  • This was my first at 30. I hadn't been on bc for like 7 years about and never got PG so I thought something may be wrong. I would like to wait 3 years but I don't want to get on bc this time and have trouble getting pregnant again. Pregnancy was easy but I didn't really enjoy it so idk, we'll see how I feel in a year or so
  • @stephaniearthurs I'm a Canadian living in the US too!

    Me too!
    Yay for Canada! It's always funny to have people ask where my accent is from. I feel like mine would be no different then a northern state. (I'm from Ottawa)

    Funny story. My OB has a lot of med students and his last 2 were both Canadian. One from Vancouver one from Toronto!
  • Nope. I think one is enough for me!! & as a pp said, after 7 years of not being on BC and not getting pregnant, dh and I were very surprised to get this one. So I don't know how likely it is that I could have another one but I definitely hope it doesn't happen any time soon!! This one keeps me busy enough!!
  • Eventually we'd like another one but at 3 weeks postpartum, it's too early to think about.. I just want to enjoy time with our princess.
  • My husband will be 45 this year and I'll be 35. My husband has 2 kids from his first marriage (1 will be 21 this year the other 19). Our lil guy will be 1 month on Tuesday and we are both already talking about having another one. I ended up with an emergency c section due to baby being in distress (cord was wrapped around his neck) and while the initial c section went well I was only home for 2 days before complications arouse and I was readmitted. While my second hospital stay was absolutely miserable and one of the worst experiences I've had I'd do it again for another healthy baby. Our lo is doing great and is a true blessing; he cries when he's hungry or a bit gasy but it never lasts long but otherwise he's a mild mannered lil gentleman.
  • Kudos to y'all already thinking about trying again already. Right now I'm still figuring out this tiny human and all I want is more sleep! Maybe when this one is out of diapers we will try again.
  • Definately waiting until this one is at least 3 and hopefully potty trained. I can't imagine doing this while pregnant. But I didn't have. Good pregnancy and this kid is a little high maintenance.
  • We are waiting 1 year :) My baby sleeps through the night, so it's not as hard as I've imagined it would be :smile: 
  • Any updates? Anyone already preggo again? My DH alresdy wants another one. He says he's ready when I am!
  • I am 33 and will probably try towards the end of the year.  If it were not for my age I would hold off 2 or 3 years.  I am so exhausted, still getting up multiple times a night.  Naps are not going well either.  But I really want her to grow up with a sibling and my clock is ticking. I kind of wish we had started earlier, but oh well.

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