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Pregnant after breast reduction?!

Hi! I am about 5 weeks with my 3rd (4th pregnancy) and I'm super worried about my breath reduction. I got a reduction Jan 2015. I was a 32GG/H and went to a 32DD. I was so miserable being big, do I have hope that I will stay small this time around? I'd like to breastfeed if I can but really don't want to get gigantic again. Anyone else in the same boat?

Re: Pregnant after breast reduction?!

  • I haven't had a breast reduction, but I have had two friends that have. Neither could breastfeed due to their reductions. If milk comes in, they are most likely going to grow until things even out and the amount of milk needed is regulated. But I would research chances of being able to breastfeed, and then wait to see if milk comes in, before I worried about the size my breasts may get, honestly.
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  • I would talk to a lactation consultant. They are used to things like these. See if you can grt a basic surgical report, which can help them significantly.
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  • Obviously everyone is different. My BFF had a reduction (probably 10 years before she had DS1). She was able to BF. She did mention something about needing the tubes with her pump because of it. I was not pregnant nor did I have a child then, so I don't know anything about that (I think I know about the tubes now), so i didn't ask any further questions.
  • I had a breast reduction in 2009. I'm scared of getting back up to the size I was.
    I was told that it was 50/50 shot if I can breastfeed. I would like to pump if possible.
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    I had a breast reduction in 2007 and got pregnant with my first in 2010. Contrary to what all the doctors told me I was able to breastfeed my daughter for a yr and was even borderline an overproducer.

    While breastfeeding they were a little larger than normal but not huge. After breastfeeding they got much smaller and (sadly) more deflated somewhat.

    They never ever got anywhere near what they were pre breast reduction.
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  • I had a breast reduction a few years back, I'm currently in my 2nd trimester, and they are bigger but still really firm. No back problems. I just try to think of how big they would be if I didn't get it in the first place!

    My husband loves it of course :p

    I hope I'm able to breastfeed, I remember the doctor telling me once it depends on the kind of surgery you have. But that was so long ago. Thanks for reminding me though I had it lol...I'll have to ask my doctor
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