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VBAC deadline! (a bit of a rant)

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Sigh, so my last appointment OB checked me and I'm 1cm (fingertip). I've been having lots of prodromal labor, mostly at night, but it seems it hasn't really helped me along. I'm trying for a VBAC, I cannot be induced. My doctor informed that he will be gone from the 13th on, because of some event with his son. My due date is the 8th. He told me if I wait and end up going into labor on the 13th and on, I will probably end up with a c-section because his colleagues do not do VBACs, since the hospital requires them to be on call/watch me closely during labor. I obviously do not want a c-section or I wouldn't be trying for a VBAC. He offered to break my water on my due date, which he said 85% of the time will put mom into labor. I've never had that done, I was induced with my first at 41 weeks, my 2nd came at 34 weeks after a failed induction due to pre-e (waters were broken, I was given cervadil and pit but it did nothing). 

I feel like I'm between such a rock and a hard place because my first came so late, this one will likely be at least after my due date too. Right now I'm trying a lot of things to get labor started myself (walking, nipple stimulation, sex), but I am just so worried I'm going to end up with a CS despite all my efforts :( If I can get myself dilated more next week he will sweep my membranes, gosh I hope that works. WWYD in my situation? I feel it's WAY too late to change OBs (like someone on another board suggested), I also worry about the risk of uterine rupture if I refuse a c-section and the dr's don't want to watch me closely. All I can say at this point is eff pre-e, because it was the reason I had to have a c-section last time :(


Re: VBAC deadline! (a bit of a rant)

  • What's your comfort level? I say try it all. Red raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, walking, bouncing on yoga ball, sex.

    If he breaks your water doesn't he technically need to induce if nothing happens?
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  • I think if nothing happens, they'll give me 24 hrs to go into labor, then they'll do a c-section :(

    All roads seem to be leading to a c-section. I'm gonna be really pissed if I end up with one in 2 weeks and I could have just been done by Friday haha.

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  • My doctor told me that if I wanted a vbac I had to go into labor naturally. That being said she said if I were to come into the office at 4cm dilated she would "help things along." She can break my waters and give me the lowest dose of pitocin to help but my body has to do most of the work itself. I've had 3 vaginally and 2 sections but with all of my vaginal deliveries I needed to have pitocin to get things to work right. I've pretty much lost all faith that my body will ever work correctly. I hope you all the best.
  • Personally, I think I would refuse a c-section. The risk of uterine rupture is pretty low and you will be closely monitored while you are in labor whether your doc is there or not.
  • jeanbug12 said:
    Personally, I think I would refuse a c-section. The risk of uterine rupture is pretty low and you will be closely monitored while you are in labor whether your doc is there or not.
    I'm really starting to think I might chance it if I haven't done anything by the 13th. It's not gonna stop me from trying to naturally induce though, because I would really prefer my OB and not to fight with someone I don't know. I just wish this was easier and I didn't have to worry about going too long!

  • There are two Drs at the practice I go to that are really supportive of VBACs. When I was pregnant with my second and hoping for a VBAC I was warned that if one of those two were not on call the day I went into labor, the dr on call would possibly try to talk me into a c-section. I was so thankful that one of the 2 was there the day I went into labor so I didn't have to deal with anyone pressuring me into a surgery is didn't want (or need)! I am hoping for another VBAC this time too!
  • Hi Momma! I'm another VBAC hopeful too (due 1/25). Hopefully next week you'll be dilated enough to have a membrane sweep. It can be very effective for many women. I understand your feelings about not wanting to voluntarily sign up for a c/s. If it were me, I think I would take my chances regarding when I go into labor and who is on call. Even if the non-vbac doctors are on call, as long as you go to the hospital when you're in labor, you will be closely monitored. Continuous fetal monitoring is the best way to detect a rupture, and you'll get CFM in the hospital, regardless of who the on-call doctor is.
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  • A wonderful resource for you is ICAN. It is a resource with a lot of info so you can avoid a c-section and hopefully have a VBAC. You can find out what your options are for VBAC's in your area. I know a lot of ladies that help with ICAN have traveled hours for a VBAC. They have a FB page and they also have a website. On FB you can ask other ladies what they advise. Just wanted to put that out there for you because VBACs vary per state or area you are in. Also not every hospital is VBAC friendly. They do have info about VBAC friendly resources, such as other hospital options too.
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