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Finger tip dilated

Just came from my doctors today l, look like my son to comfortable in there I'm due next week on Friday I was hoping to be dilated some but I'm just a fingertip dilated and I'm so big and uncomfortable ugh till then I'll be waiting for signs of labor

Re: Finger tip dilated

  • Lucky! My due date isn't until the end of January so relax and just know that you're almost there.
  • Same here and due on 1/10. 50% effaced and only a fingertip, or a dimple as my dr called it. If things don't progress much, they will let me go to 41 weeks before inducing...I don't want to wait 19 more days to meet my boy!
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  • Your body can do amazing things in a week! I'm not due until 1/21 and was 50% effaced and cervix still closed today. Praying for progress next week for all of us!
  • Never know i was a finger tip dilated with my son at 39+1 and had him on his due date!
  • I was a fingertip and 50% effaced and gave birth three days later. You never know!
  • Dilation and effacement have little to do with birth. My sister walked around at 3cm for 3 weeks before being induced. I actually refuse internals because they mean so little and are uncomfortable for me.

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  • Yeah he was saying things can happen but if nothing there going to help induced me and he said something about a c section, which scares me cause u watch too many horror stories on medical shows ,however I have till this week and next I'm hopeful I'm just ready to meet my baby boy and to be able to sleep (even tho I won't with him) without a huge belly I just want my body he's so comfy in there lol plus he's a big boy measuring around almost 8lbs ugh lol
  • Take it with a grain of salt, I was 0 dilated and 0% effaced at my 40 week appointment with our first and my water broke the next day and I delivered her at 40+2!! Anything can happen!
  • If it makes you feel better I'm 3cm and 60% effaced and still no labor. I could be waiting another week or more. Dilation means jack. You have to be having consistent contractions for it to really mean anything.
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