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Carpal Tunnel Resolution

How long did it take your pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome to resolve once your LO arrived? My swelling has significantly decreased in my feet, but my hands are still tingling/numb. DD is 2 weeks old. TIA!

Re: Carpal Tunnel Resolution

  • I am 6 weeks pp and even though it's now 80% better than it still comes and goes when I'm breastfeeding the LO.
  • Me too in my right hand/arm... And I have a similar CT feeling of numbness and tingling in the connective tissue of the heels of my feet. Health visitor said it should all go when I stop breastfeeding but it's pretty uncomfortable and frustrating. Hang in there.
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  • It took months. (DS is ten months now.) this was probably exacerbated because I had trouble can't fit him while wearing my brace, so I just didn't wear it. One day during the dummer, at about four months pp, I suddenly realized my thumb didn't hurt, and I couldn't remember the last time it had.

    It really became debilitating fit awhile, I regret not wearing my brace to take care of myself more.
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  • I had it horribly during pregnancy to the point I wasn't sleeping. It took about a month for symptoms to get better but I still have tingling from time to time. Wearing a brace at night helped me.
  • Please make sure it is really a CTS, because my symptoms of numbness and tingling were caused by problems in the neck and later an autoimmune disease 
  • My hands are worse now than when I was pregnant. ... the baby is 2.5 weeks old. Never had this issue with other 2 pregnancies.
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