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The grocery store is going to be the death of me.

I literally need a chiropractic adjustment, a warm bath and a nap after just one visit.

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Re: The grocery store is going to be the death of me.

  • UHHH YEP :D though the worst is the stupid stores that don't have the stupid matts when you enter so peoples stupid wet feet make the stupid floor wet and I nearly biff it.... Grrrrrr

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  • This gif describes my life!
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  • I'm dreading the next trip to the store and looking for reasons hubs can't argue with so I can send him instead, although I know he'll end up not getting the right stuff and getting a bunch of junk food. I guess I should decide which is the lesser of two evils: pain and discomfort, or frustration that my hormones may turn into psycho preggo lady flipping out.
  • juju0592 said:

    This gif describes my life!

    Seriously! It's my pregnancy in a nutshell.
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  • I always wish I could use the motorized scooters
  • I've been putting off groceries and eating all the random canned goods I have because the grocery store is just the worst. If I have another kid I'm going to use PeaPod or some delivery service for the last trimester.
  • I definitely recommend sending DH in to get groceries. I decided to be stubborn and go alone today. When I was taking the bags in the house, I picked up the bags wrong, heard a popping noise, and now I can barely move my back. I'm now having muscle spasms. It is the most excruciating pain I've ever felt. I've never hurt my back before so this is all new to me. 37 weeks pregnant and a muscle strain is not the relaxation I had in mind. I should have just asked for help to begin with but noooo...I was trying to be independent. Lesson learned.
  • Try going to the grocery store after a full day of work on your feet , fun fun!!! My husband doesn't have a clue of what to get in the grocery store ... He's going to have to learn !
  • ahhh me too. I basically go in with only a few must-have items at a time, and get out quickly. Your GIF explains it all!
  • I dropped 3 things on the floor on the same aisle at the store...bending over 3x really sucks at 39 weeks
  • I do all of the shopping, I even went to BJs the other day and hauled a 35 can coke pack and a giant water bottle box into the cart and then into the car. That said I leave it to DH to get it all in the house. It sat in the trunk for over 4 hours yesterday!
  • What is sad is that it makes me ungodly miserable, yet I'd still rather go over sending SO. Love the man to death, but he sucks at grocery shopping. He doesn't know where things are, doesn't shop sales or use coupons... just buy everything on the list, quickly, and cheaply! Lol. Plus, who doesn't love a nice hour away from the kids to talk to adults?
    I get to make the adventure through Target today for baby/toddler stuff. Trying to send SO to the store for nipple cream and butt paste is a lost cause.
  • Ladies who don't trust their SO to go to the store - do not be afraid to send pictures!  I literally text a list and then photos of any specific brand names I'm picky about.  (I am kind of a grocery nazi.)  I love grocery shopping and miss it, but with a cane, it's just not really happening right now, so I'm super reliant on the list and photos and it's worked like a charm so far.  

    The only thing I really miss is being able to be inspired *at* the grocery store and pick out something new or fun to make for dinner, but I just have to be patient and I'll get there again in a few weeks.  I never thought pregnancy would make me appreciate/miss grocery shopping, but here we are!  Haha.
  • You need to let them make mistakes, otherwise they would never learn
  • The only reason I still struggle through, is that I hope it puts me into labor one of these times!
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  • Decided to brave walking around cabelas with hubby yesterday... I thought I was going to die. We desperately need to do a super Walmart stock up trip this weekend... I've been dreading it for weeks!
  • Yes!!!! I did the grocery shopping with my 9 year old son and 18 months old daughter the other day and as I hadn't been since way before Christmas I ended up with an overflowing trolley which I could barely steer! My poor son tried his best to help but didn't have the strength. 3 hours later & finally home - my back was agony . Especially since it's always my job to put the shopping away too! Anyway my back flipping hurt - so much so I could barely move so I set up and put on my TENS machine for labour - not expecting it to work but 2 hours later and it's pain free - I was very supprised :) xxxx
  • I was just thinking about this thread- I have to go to jewel today for all the food I have been putting off buying for a few weeks - dreading it.
  • My SO loves to grocery shop. He just needs supervision to ensure he doesn't buy too many treats. Running errands is actually one of the common ways we spend time together, so we both go and he just does the heavy lifting.
  • A lot of grocery stores deliver or you can use Fresh Direct or Pea Pod... I've been shopping off an app on my phone and they being right to your door the next day.
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  • Went to Target the other day, had to sit down for a minute in an aisle because my back was hurting so badly from walking around.
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  • I'm so greatful to have a husband that shops/cooks- even if said husband brought me stretch mark cream for Christmas. Lmao. But seriously what a great idea about sending pictures!!
  • Yes pictures are awesome! I have definitely been using them to show hubs what he needs to get.
  • I plan to do a big shopping trip here this week to get all the ingredients needed for my months of freezer meals so that I don't have to worry so much about food once LO arrives. I usually go by myself and since I do alot of lifting at work I figure the cases of cans can't hurt me either.
  • I decided to go to CVS today instead of the grocery store because it's smaller and I just needed two things - milk and honey.  I hobbled all around the store only to find out they were out of both things!  And the lady at the front kept insisting they had honey and I must've walked (hobbled) down that aisle three or four times before she came over and was like oh, I guess we ARE out, sorry!  My back was on fire with pain by the time I was done and the whole thing was pointless.  Ugh.
  • I'm pretty lucky in that most day I get around just fine. May take some grunting to get in and out of the car. And sometimes I can't stand upright right away. But I've been blessed to be able to do pretty much everything. It will be nice not to get winded though just putting on my socks to go to said grocery store.
  • I went to Sam's today for our Big Huge Baby Stock-up Trip and I want to die a little bit. What was I thinking?
  • Spent 2 hours in the grocery store, $400, and 4 hours cooking / prepping (with my husband's help), but ended up with 11 different meals (~6 servings each) frozen and ready to go for when baby comes! My back and hips are killing me, but I think it will pay off when I don't have to cook for a month or two after baby comes! I also bought some healthy, organic frozen meals too (i.e. Amy's) and stocked up on some basics.
  • SO's work schedule just sucks for sending him. I got up the guts to take my nap-less 12 month old to the grocery store only 5 days before my due date (my mom went with me just in case). We walked around for over an hour and I spent way more than I should have... still no contractions or signs that this baby is coming out. Now I just have swollen feet, wind burnt lips, and a really sore crotch...

    But my fridge and freezer are FULL.
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