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Pilates Safety in first trimester?

I recently took up Pilates and really love it. I had just progressed from beginner into intermediate classes when I found out I was pregnant. I go to a few different studios. I told the instructor at one of them my news (I am 5 wks) and she treated me like I was made of eggshell! It was as if one wrong move in class could end my pregnancy on the spot. She wouldn't even let me lift up my box (which is not that heavy at all) to put it on a shelf after class. There were so many modifications, or things I had to skip altogether, and moves that were "unsafe" for me that I barely got a workout and I felt I slowed the rest of the class down, to boot. She was very nice about it, but ultimately told me that I should look into private lessons because so much of what we do in class would be too risky for me. I was very sad at the prospect of having to give up pilates when I was making progress and enjoying it so much (because I cannot afford private lessons when I have a baby on the way, and so far can't find any prenatal classes in my city). 

So this week I emailed the instructor at another studio that I frequent and got a completely different response! She said I can continue as normal with very few modifications until well into my second tri. She just said to "listen to my body" and watch out for dizziness for now. And it turns out she is also pregnant, so it was super reassuring coming from her. But then I worry -- her answer sounds almost too good to be true. I want to get back to my classes but I don't want to risk my pregnancy if this instructor is just being way too lax. 

So, any pilates pros out there willing to chime in here? Maybe moms who practiced throughout their previous pregnancies? I feel like the truth lies somewhere in the middle. 

Re: Pilates Safety in first trimester?

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    jilligirl16jilligirl16 member
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    My OB told me that whatever you were doing before pregnancy you can continue to do while you're pregnant. Course come with limitations.

    You have to be careful lying on your back when you reach a certain point in your pregnancy because of the whole vena cava thing. You also lose some touch with your center of gravity, which could put you at risk for falling or injury. Right now, that is really not a concern for you if you are only five weeks.

    As for your instructor, do you think it is possible that she might be trying to get you to get private lessons just so she can make a few bucks? Or maybe she is trying to cover her butt so that, God forbid, if anything happens to you, she wouldn't be liable?

    What does your OB have to say about this?

    I have done lots of Pilates in my life, and I honestly cannot see what the harm could be in doing it in your first trimester.
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    As long as you make some modifications (like a pillow under the back when lying flat on your back) you're pretty safe actually! Pilates is actually really good for pregnancy because you will strengthen your core which will be a huge asset during L&D. Especially being this early on in pregnancy, you are safe to keep doing Pilates as long as you pay attention to your body and listen to it :)
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    Thank you! I actually enjoyed a class last night!  I fell kinda bad for the first instructor because she basically lost my business for now (and she owns her own studio so I've always wanted to support her business). 
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    @snaps816 I recently bought on amazon this dvd and I love it.  It's actually even a bit harder than I thought it would be because she incorporates weights into some of the sections.  I was doing pilates prior on my own with a few other videos, so I was searching for something that was more for pregnant women.
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