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Being induced tomorrow. SCARED

I had my doctors appointment today I'm 39+3 and my doctor advised to induce me. Baby girl was measuring to be a little bigger and she said she doesn't want her to get too big. I'm being induced tomorrow morning at 7 a.m and I'm scared as hell! I'd love some prayers and any kind of positive stories about being induced, I've read so many bad ones! Kind of asking for a pep talk that my SO can't give me because he's just as nervous as I am lol

Re: Being induced tomorrow. SCARED

  • I don't have any advice but wanted to offer my good thoughts and vibes!! Good luck tomorrow!



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  • Saying some prayers for you. I know lots of people that had easy and success inductions.... And just think you will have your baby girl so soon. I hope you have as relaxing of a night as possible and enjoy your last night at home just you and your SO.
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  • Good luck! My induction is the day after. I hope everything goes well for you! <3
  • Good luck! Im sure you and baby will get through it just fine!
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  • There's nothing to be scared off! The nurses walk you through every step of the way. If you need something or just have questions- don't be afraid to ask! The meds can suck but just remember- it's only for a few hours! Plus the end result is you finally get to meet your mini!
  • You'll do great! I was induced last time and had a quick and easy labor. Good luck!
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  • Good luck! You're so close to holding your little one in your arms!
  • Good luck! You will be fine. I was induced with my first due to high blood pressure. I didn't have any intense contractions until I was fully diulated. It actually was a very easy process. You will do great!
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  • Go in with an open mind and knowing that you will leave holding your precious baby! My induction with my first was a piece of cake! If I have my way, I'll go for the same this time around. It takes all the worry of "could it happen here? There? Now? Next week?" out of the equation! Communicate with your nurses and make sure they explain what they are doing. It really isn't that bad! Good luck!
  • Wishing you the best of luck! Safe and healthy labor and delivery!!
  • I asked to be induced with my second and third baby due to past history of giving birth to bigger than averaged sized babies. But I was already past my EDD for both babies. I had great experiences for both. No epi and labor for each was 2 hours. For me personally was no different than when I went into labor with my first baby. Good luck!!
  • I am being induced tomorrow as well but at 10 am. Baby is 40 weeks on Friday and I am already 5 cm and fully thinned out. They are nervous I won't make it to the hospital in time for baby to be delivered if water breaks or contractions increase. So we will see what my body does on its own once at hospital and go from there.

    Keep in mind the nurses and doctors do This all the time and u are in the. Best place. Try to relax and enjoy every minute you is almost here!!!!
  • Good luck and just think that soon you'll have your precious baby and all the nerves/pain will be worth it!!
  • I was induced with my first and it went smoothly! I was in labor from 8am until i had her 131am the next morning. They started me with cervadil because I was closed shut. They didn't expect it to get me to 10 centimeters, but it did! I went to 8pm without any meds, then got an epidural, which was heavenly.

    Good luck and I'm sure everything will be great!


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    I also question inducing. There's really no reliable way of measuring a baby's size, neither by fundal height nor by ultrasound. And what's considered too big, anyway? I personally would refuse.

    Since it sounds like you are going ahead with it - try not to worry. I was induced twice (DD wasn't growing because lab tests later showed 25% of the placenta wasn't working) and DS was overdue. Smooth, routine labors and deliveries with both.

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  • I'd love it if they induced me. Mine was measuring 8 pounds 15 oz on Christmas Eve. I do NOT want him to get much bigger and I was 60% effaced with 2.5cm of dilation almost a week ago. I had pitocin to restart my labor with my first and it wasn't bad at all. What made it difficult was that he was persistent posterior! If this one is the same a huge increase in size is just going to make things harder. Good luck to you - I'm sure you'll do fine!
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