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first tri blood and urine tests

I had my first tri blood and urine tests done about a week ago and my OB called yesterday and said my test was positive for opiates! She asked when the last time I had any pain meds and I told her over a yr ago when I was hospitalized for a kidney infection.

Literally, the only meds I take are my prenatals... no sleeping aids or anything. I don't even take tylenol. She said some times the labs make mistakes or there are false positives- I just thought this was crazy. After I told her I wasn't taking anything she didn't seem concerned- just told me they would have me redo my tests at my next appointment.

Anyone had anything similar happen? It's almost comical considering how anal I am about what I eat during this pregnancy!
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Re: first tri blood and urine tests

  • Poppyseed muffins?

  • IB113 said:

    Poppyseed muffins?

    This is a super common misconception. you would litterally have to eat a bucket of poppyseeds to test positive for opiates. I used to work at a drug and alcohol rehab and that was many client's go-to excuse for testing dirty haha.

    OP, labs do make mistakes sometimes.. It is pretty rare though. If I were you I would request to be re-tested just to see what's going on because there's nothing other than lab error that would give you a true false positive for opiates.
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