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Thermostat settings

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What do you set your thermostat for in winter my cold state folks with a newborn? Both day and night.

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  • I was wondering the same thing
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  • We have always kept it at 66 when there isn't a baby in the house. For winter with a baby I'm sure it'll be between 68-70. I always have a hat on a newborn though too. They lose heat so much faster than we do.
  • I naturally freeze easily so it's set between 70- 75 at all times during winter.
  • Thank you @KFrob! I usually skip the heater and just pile on clothes. even though we're having a really mild winter this year I was worried about it.
  • I have been so warm lately...must be the pregnancy hormones. Lol but when my son was a newborn we kept it at 68-70 so that is probualy what we will do this time too. It's been a mild winter so I have it set at 63 because 65 has been to warm for this pergo momma. Lol
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  • Our pediatrician suggests between 70-75. I'm also in AZ where even the warmer temps still feel cold to us. We usually keep our house around 68 at night and 71 during the day.
  • Right now it's set at 70. If someone touches it I know right away. I get so hot!
    Probably 72 once baby gets here and the temp outside drops.
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  • Our pedi suggested between 68 and 70. Perfect for me!
  • I think my instructor at my birthing classes suggested between 70-72, but also put an extra layer on baby. I like keeping my house warm so this works for me!
  • We usually keep the house at 64 over night at 68 during the day.  My almost 3 yr old wears footy pajamas and has two blankets, so he's not cold, and DS2 will wear footy pajamas and a swaddler of some nature with a blanket tucked around him. We tend to keep the house pretty cold at night.
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  • 66. We have a big house and my electric bill is outrageous. I would keep it at 62 if husband would let me. I'm sure baby will be plenty warm
  • We keep the house pretty cool during the day, no higher than 70, and turn the heat off most nights so it'll go down to 64ish. We do have a special nursery heater for the baby's room and we will keep that on 68 at night. We also just plan on dressing baby warmly while we can comfortably wear less. 
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