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Okay ladies.... help me out. What am I missing???

I am totally exhausted all day (just over 14 weeks) and when it comes time to go to bed, I fall immediately asleep... Only to wake up multiple times per night for no reason. I don't have heartburn, no cramping or nausea, and while I do wake up to pee, I always have. I almost feel like it could be just my mind racing, or anxiety, but I don't know that for sure since throughout the day I don't feel this way (but I am a FTM so I guess I'm probably a bit anxious)

What are your sleep rituals? Anything I should try? I really have been trying to relax before bed with a hot shower, tea, etc... but this literally is driving me nuts since I've always been such a sound sleeper.

Thanks in advance :) 


  • For me I woke up at 2:30 or 3:30 every night depending on what time I took my prenatal (7:30 or 8:30 pm). When I stopped taking it in the evening I stopped waking up.
  • Pregnancy insomnia is real man. I can be super exhausted, go to bed after putting my kids down. Only to wake at 2:30-3 and be awake for 2 hours. Making me more tired the next day. There are some sleep aids that are safe during pregnancy but as usual I would talk to your doctor about taking them. From one tired momma to another I hope you can get some rest.

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  • Thanks @fishwife799! I never knew this little problem existed.... I will check with my doctor too then. :)
  • I have had this a lot too. I'll wake up in the middle of the night for no reason and be up for a half hour wide awake. I think it's just our bodies way of preparing us for after baby gets here. Even though we know what we're in for in 5ish months and just want to soak up every bit of sleep we can get until then.
  • Lol I agree with @pegs6216 it is just preparing us for the baby.  I have not slept good in at least a month or more. 

  • Big time having this issue. I am so tired but can't get comfortable so fall asleep after 30 mins to an hour only to wake up EVERY night at 2.10AM and am up for hours!! Cut me some slack body!  :s

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  • My midwife suggested Unisome. It helps me sleep for 4 or 5 hours in a row. I still spend most of the morning hours tossing and turning until my alarm goes off. I usually sleep a little better when I know I don't have work the next morning, but little else helps (tea, warm bath, going to bed at the same time each night, etc.). 
  • Ftm as well and is having the same issue I hope you sleep soon.... Good luck let me know if you figure it out before I do... Thank you
  • I agree with pp. I was taking unisom for ms and it's helped me sleep give it a try totally safe per my Obgyn
  • When I can't sleep I just get up and go do something. I have a little snack (2 crackers or a cheese stick) and then lay out a sewing project, clean off my desk or make DH a lunch. Nothing that takes more than 10-15 minutes. Then I can usually fall back asleep within a few minutes. If I don't, I usually end up laying in bed for close to two hours.

    And I usually take 1/2 a unisom if I have something going on the next day and I need a full night of sleep.
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