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Extreme nausea

Hello-I am experiencing extreme nausea. I am basically bed ridden and can't keep anything down. I am taking diclrgis but it isn't helping. I am so weak and tired. I have two other kids and I can't be in bed like this... Wondering if anyone has any solutions that have worked for them?

Re: Extreme nausea

  • If you're bed ridden and weak, I'd contact your ob/midwife asap. Dehydration can be dangerous for baby and you may need an IV.

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  • I was feeling the same way and it got to the point where even taking sips of soda and small snacks that I used to enjoy made my nausea worse. I started feeling dizzy yesterday and went in to urgent care. They tested me and said I was dehydrated. They gave me a liter of IV fluids and I feel much better today. Dehydration makes nausea worse, it's a vicious cycle. Dehydration is also bad for baby. I suggest you call your OB or go to urgent care and get checked out. I started taking Unisom and Vitamin B6, it might be helping. Also I can eat and drink this morning and no nausea yet. It is such a relief. Just a caution, please google Zofran's safety, the FDA is now advising against it due to possible link to birth defects. But it's been such a popular anti-nausea medication, doctors are offering it all the time. Hope you fund relief soon!
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  • Correlation ==/== causation. Sometimes the benefits outweigh the VERY minor risks when it comes to Zofran. If Diclegis is not working for you, this may very be the only medication that could give you relief, and dehydration and malnutrition from vomiting are far more harmful to your baby. 

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  • Don't ever feel bad for needing to take a medication that MIGHT cause an issue. I have HG this pregnancy and taking medication religiously is the only thing that has slightly helped how I feel. Make sure to talk to your doctor and see what else he thinks might work but be open to the suggestions.
  • My moms best friend was so sick for all 3 of her pregnancies that she had to be hospitalized becuase she couldnt keep anything down. I would talk to your doctor asap and tell them what youve been experiencing. Your baby needs that food and so do you :) . Good luck !
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