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Membrane scraping

Has anyone else had their membranes swept? Can you feel it? If so what does it feel like?

Re: Membrane scraping

  • You will feel it. How uncomfortable it is depends on how ready your body is. The closer it is to labor the less it hurts.
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  • I had this done at 39 weeks and yesterday at my 40 week appointment. My due date is today. So far it's done nothing. Actually having it done I didn't think was that bad just uncomfortable but my doctor seemed surprised saying that people usually find it much more painful than I did. As far as after both times some cramping and backache but no labor! 2cm dilated and 80% effaced so idk how much of a difference that makes! Hoping it helps things along because I have induction scheduled for Jan 4 and really hoping to go naturally before then!
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  • I had mine done w/ DS and DD, although it didn't work, but it was never painful for me.  I haven't had one w/ this LO yet since I'm only 37 weeks.  Internal exams have never been painful for me though, even during labor w/out the epi.  However, there are some women that find all of the above painful so I think it just varies from person to person.  Good luck!

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  • I had it done a couple of times with my first and sworn I would never do it again it was so painful
  • It's not comfortable but it isn't that uncomfortable either. Had it done at 39 weeks but I was already 5cm and 90+% effaced. Hoping to jump start labor.
  • It definitely varies from person to person but also who is doing it make a difference. I had it done 2-3 times per week at the end of my last pregnancy with my midwives. One midwife had long slim fingers and it never hurt, the other had short stubby fingers and it felt like I was being fisted.
    It never actually did anything for me unfortunately but nothing did including an induction attempt at 42 weeks.
  • I had it with both my previous babies and it sent me right into labor and was uncomfortable but not painful- I was right at my due date. It is one of those things that will only work if your body is ready.
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