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Partial Uterine Septum Question

Hello,  I am 32 weeks and just found out today through US that I have a partial uterine septum.  My baby is breech and seems to just sit to my left side.  I know 32 weeks is still pretty early to worry, but I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with this before?  I've never even heard of this, and of course when the doctor told me, I stared at her with a blank look on my face, unable to think of any questions.

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  • At my first ultrasound with first baby, I was told I had a heart-shaped uterus. Just a very, very mild case of the partial septum. I googled and found a bunch of scary stuff, so I would not recommend that. What did your doctor tell you? I know that it is more likely that baby will stay breech, but not certain. And premature labor is also more common, but it's good to know that baby is already very well-developed and should do well at this point, no matter what.
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  • She didn't tell me anything, unfortunately.  She was concerned because I mentioned he always hangs out on my left side, so opted to do an US, then stated, "Oh, you have a partial uterine septum.  You can try doing a bear crawl to flip the baby, but it most likely won't."  She then asked if I had any painful contractions, because she noticed I was contracting as she was measuring me and told me to keep an eye on it. I said no and I couldn't think of any questions.  I have another appointment in 2 weeks with a different doctor in the practice.  I'm hoping to come up with questions before then, like is c-section my only option?  I'm just not sure what to ask!
  • My mother had a uterine septum which did not allow my sister or myself to get into position. She was fine, she just had to have a c-section for both of us, but from the sound of things it was because we were breech and not because of the septum (at the last minute with me, her second delivery so they knew about the septum, they checked to see if I had turned so she could deliver naturally, which she was not prepared for! But I was still breech so the c-section happened). As PP said, your best bet would be to talk to the doctors.
  • Youre already viable, so youre lucky, its a problem if the baby attaches the placenta/umbilical cord to the septum instead of the uterine wall, way back at the beginning of the pregnancy, obviously not in your case. I have a full wall, all the way down the whole uterus, causes miscarriage alot. Yours is partial, so I wouldnt worry, and theres always a chance you can deliver normally, but yes, the baby wont turn because it cant in most cases. I wouldnt be upset, youre lucky you made it this far. Every doctor Ive spoken to has said something different, one said I can deliver normally, another said it has to be a c section, another said they could remove the septum during the c section, and yet another said not to operate on the septum during the c section. Often times midwives or doctors can turn the baby so that its headfirst, but yes, like everyone said, just ask them.
  • It is definitely overwhelming to hear this! I have two completely separate uteri and two cervix's. You are so blessed to have gotten pregnant and carried baby this long with no serious complications!
    I saw many doctors and finally went to a fertility specialist who said that surgery to remove the wall is not common practice anymore. He said that usually it causes more harm than good. He also said many woman experience a septum and never even find out!
    As far as delivery, no doctor has been able to tell me if I will deliver vaginally or if I will need a c section. Only time will tell! My advice is don't google! It will only scare you. Think positive and just prepare your mind that you may end up having a c section. In the end you will have a beautiful baby in your arms! Good luck!
    P.S.My baby is on my right side and I think it's pretty cool to always know where to find the baby!
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