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Experienced mommy question!!

Ok ladies, anyone who this is their 2nd, 3rd, Or more baby, this question is directed to you :)

I am scheduled for my csection for DD#2 Monday 1/4 (I'll be 39w4d). My water broke with DD#1 at exactly 39 weeks on the way to my csection! My cervix never softened and I never dialated then and it looks to be going in the same direction again this time.

Did you feel like you went earlier or later the 2nd time around??

Re: Experienced mommy question!!

  • My first I had her at 38 weeks 1 day, with my second I had him at 39 weeks 5 days, and I am currently 38 weeks 5 days with #3.



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  • First one was 41weeks and this one I am currently 39weeks and 4 days. We shall see when this one decides to arrive.
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  • I had my first at 41 weeks (I was induced with him) and my second at 42 weeks. I am 37 weeks 5 days with #3.
  • MommyduclosMommyduclos member
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    I had both my babies right on time- however I had a membrane strip to "induce" since they didn't want me to go over because of a medical concern so I suppose that's no help lol. I hope to go completely on my own this time, but if I make to my 39 week appointment I'll probably do the same membrane strip to at least hopefully avoid a full induction. C'mon baby!
  • Had my first at 40+3 and I'm currently 40+6 with my second and no baby....
  • This is my third. My first broke her water on her own at 39 weeks but I needed the induction as I wasn't dilating at all but was have contractions 2 min apart. My second I got induced fully also at 39 weeks. When I checked in I was only at a 1 and thick. So far, this one is acting the same. Only a 1 and still thick and high. I think my body hates me.
  • Im due with my fourth baby Feb 8th.
    My son came 40 weeks +4, on his own
    My first daughter came 40 weeks +1
    My second daughter came 40 weeks +5
    But I did ask my ob to induce me with both my daughters due to their size. So they would of definitely came way later. I think my fourth baby will definitely come past EDD. I don't want to induce, this will be my last baby so I would love to wait until he's ready.
  • DD1-water broke spontaneously 38+6.
    DD2-preterm labor at 34 weeks, stopped with terbutaline, induced at 40 weeks exactly.
    DS- waters broke spontaneously 39+3.
    DD3- Emergency C-Section at 38 weeks exactly due to failed ECV, low fluids, and fetal distress.
    DD4- RCS at 39 weeks exactly due to breech baby.

    With this pregnancy I have been contracting for weeks which has very, very slowly helped to dilate and soften my cervix but not enough for it to really matter. RCS scheduled for 39+1, unless I can go naturally beforehand.
  • DS1 - 39+1 spontaneous labour beginning with my waters breaking
    DS2 - 37+1 spontaneous labour

    I'm currently 39+2 with my third. 
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    DD1 contractions every three minutes. Went in and was admitted. Dilated to 4cm. I was 39w5d. Never checked, stripped, or anything prior to that day.

    DD2 currently at 38w6d; membranes stripped today at appt so waiting to see the outcome.
  • My water broke on its own at 37+1 with my first.
    I am 36+1 with my second today. I'd actually like to go a little longer this time as I am measuring smaller and would like baby to grow some more before she shows up. I am pretty miserable this pregnancy, so whatever happens is okay.
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