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What are everyones thoughts if your midwife offers you an induction at 39 weeks, for no medical reasons...i read tons of cons and remember a few from my first but im considering!

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  • Check this thread out about the same topic:

    TL;DR - don't do it unless it's medically necessary is the consensus. 
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  • I say it depends. Every baby should come when they come. However, it really comes down more to a quality of life issue as far as your pregnancy is going. Are you having chronic pain, are you having headaches, are you having signs and symptoms of pre-E, etc. 39 weeks is the earliest anyone should be induced unless medically indicated.
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  • Personally I would only do it if there were a medical reason. But that being said if your midwife is offering it I would think it is safe, she wouldn't offer it otherwise. I've just heard that induction can lead to a more intense/painful labour. That has just been the general consensus from the women I've talked to that have laboured naturally with one and needed an induction with another (only like 3 people that I actually know). The internet and Dr. Google seems to agree with those 3 experiences though.


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  • Most will tell you to wait until the baby comes on its own or there are health risks.  For me, I was induced at 40 weeks w/ DS due to high BP and then w/ DD, I elected to be induced at 39 weeks as my spring break was that week so I had no schooling; right or wrong.  It was an easy induction b/c I was already 3 cm and I had a previous successful induction.  Otherwise, my OB may not have offered it.  To each there own as long as you understand the risks.

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  • I was offered the same thing and I opted out. Its puts stress on you and the baby and it can lead to longer more painful labor. Today is the day I would have gotten induced. Ive been pregnant for 39 weeks now waiting for another week or so can't hurt. I would rather go in to labor on my own. Plus I think getting induced would give me crazy anxiety so I would rather just have it happen so I dont have time to over think it.
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