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Anyone else with a newborn who can roll over?

I'm a little freaked out by the fact that my newborn son (5 weeks tomorrow) has rolled over (belly to back) more than 10 times in the last week and a half. I guess most people might be proud of this fact but it makes me worry about how fast he will continue to develop and if this means he will be deficient in other ways... There has to be a balance right? Does it mean I'm in for tantrums at an earlier age too? I have one friend whose daughter started rolling early, can't remember how early, and she was early in all things... Including tantrums... But is this the norm for early rollers? Anyone on here have any experience with this?

He is my second child. My daughter is 2 1/2 and not potty trained yet so I would like to know a little more about what to expect so I can give her the time she needs but not have to be chasing after a crawling infant while she works it out.

Re: Anyone else with a newborn who can roll over?

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    My LO is 7 weeks and rolls belly to back just about every time we do tummy time. I am not worried about it, I think it's one of those things that happens early for some babies and later for others.

    Eta this is my first baby so I really have no idea what I'm talking about lol

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  • @FirstTummyMummy how much tummy time do you give you LO daily? My 7 week old does not seem close to rolling, but he hate tummy time unless it's on my chest.
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  • My son has been rolling belly to back since two weeks. I honestly don't think it means all that much and I wouldn't get too worked up over it if I were you. Maybe your little one will meet milestones early, maybe this is just a fluke. You never really know until it happens so I figure it's best to just wait and see rather than trying to plan it.
  • My lo rolls all around but its not intentional. Meaning he doesn't make himself do it, it just happens. I don't think he really knows what's going on but he kicks around so much he'll scoot all the way across the living room floor and roll 100 times in the process. He's 7 weeks.
  • My daughter rolled that early and didn't crawl until 9 months. She walked the day before her first birthday. It doesn't mean much.
    Belly to back rolling is easier since they can throw their heads over. Their heads are so heavy they pull them over. Rolling back to belly takes more work. My daughter was about 10 weeks when she started rolling both ways.
  • My son rolled from belly to back at 11 days old! He is almost 4 weeks now. I asked the dr. and he said babies usually begin rolling over around 4 months, but it's fine that he started early! I wouldn't worry about it!
  • DS rolled from belly to back at 5 days old, about the second time we tried tummy time and he does it about every time we do tummy time until he gets tired. The doctor just remarked about how strong he was, didn't say anything about it being abnormal.
  • My daughter was rolling back to side at five days, and back to belly at two weeks. She can't get back off her belly though. Doc said to leave her if she's on her side but to flip her if she's on her belly. She said it's an indicator of good muscle tone but wasn't concerned at all.

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  • Good to know it's not so uncommon! I didn't give him any floor tummy time until about 3 weeks and the first day we did it he rolled and has kept doing it every time. Before that it was just on top of me or his dad... I was worried about my daughter or anyone of the other many people in the house at that time accidentally stepping on him (small space).

    My daughter met every milestone on time or a little early but certainly not 3 months early
  • Apparently my sister in laws two beasts came out rolling over
  • My daughter didn't roll until 5 months then at sat at 6 and at 7 she crawled and walked all in the same day. Every baby is different I wouldn't worry too much.
  • Omg im just glad to know that my LO is not the only one rolling over . Noelle has been doing this since bout 3 wks shes 6 wks old now . These millennium babies are just to smart for there own good lol!! They are coming out holding heads up trying to stand etc... I dont think its nothing to freak out about tho.. Iam a third time mom each one of my kids did something sooner then the other ones .
  • Mine has started rolling belly to back also, but honestly I think it's accidental because she always looks surprised, it's pretty cute
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