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Who's crawling?!

My lo is sitting and rolling but no crawling yet. He turned 7 mos on Dec 20.

Re: Who's crawling?!

  • Nope, no crawling for my DS yet either. He's rocking on hands and knees but isn't really even scooting yet. My DD was a fast scooter at 7 months and a crawler AND stander by 8 months. I'm trying not to worry andplusalso his ped says some kids never crawl and just start walking. She said crawling isn't even considered a milestone!
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  • Yep my little guy started crawling at about 6.5 months. He's now cruising furniture and starting to try to walk behind his push toys. He's always been a little ahead in his milestones though . According to a growth and development chart I go off of crawling isn't really expected until 10 months.
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  • My dd has been crawling for about a month now. I had to use the cry it out method and a bit of bribery. I put snacks on a blanket at a distance and she eventually learned.
  • My little one is crawling and walking if supported. He turned 7 months the 26th. He started crawling, funny enough, when he went to the hospital with RSV and they gave him Abuterol, (which made him hyper).
  • Baby girl has been crawling ( dragging more so ) for the past 1.5 months, and just in the last 3 weeks has been crawling on all 4's.
  • My girl started crawling right after she turned 7 months. She's almost 8 months now and is fast! It was such a game changer ha
  • My LO is 8 months and not crawling just yet, but she sure is trying!
  • Mine just started! I thought she was going to skip but last week she started moving all around. She was 8+ months before she started.
  • At 7 months my daughter would "army crawl". She is now 8 months and fully crawling, even pulling herself up to a standing position :) so cute
  • My Daughter has been scooting on her bottom since about 5 months but refused to crawl on all fours until she turned 8 months on the 15th of Jan but started pulling herself up to a standing position back in December
  • Mine is almost 9 months and still no crawling. Other moms keep telling me to enjoy it as life gets harder when they are more mobile but my LO gets so frustrated that she can not crawl and so I spend more time and energy having to bring objects to her or pick her up.
  • My little guy started army crawling at 6 months, but is crawling belly off the floor and very well at 8 months. 
  • Hey guys, not trying to worry you, but learning the cross-crawl motion is essential for baby's brain health. (Ped. and Chiropracter both gave this advice) It helps both sides of the brain work together, and can help prevent ADD/ADHD. If your baby hasn't learned yet, you can encourage him by crawling in front of him. Babies have tons of mirror neurons in their brains which causes them to "copy" you. It's recommended for baby to crawl for at least 4 months for optimal brain health. 
  • Here is one article I found that affirms this. (There are more if you want to research yourself)
  • 9 months and crawling. Getting ready to pull herself up on furniture to 
  • Just turned 10 months and is an expert army crawler but still not up on his knees. He sure is trying though!
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