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  • @VitaLuna I'm with you with the prices.  While I believe the people that charge so much are talented and deserve the money they charge, there is no chance in hell I would be able to afford that (there is probably a list of 100 things I could buy with all that money).  Not sure exactly what camera my SO's sister used, but we woke up really early on Sunday and took some nice pictures (the ones I posted above).  Nothing fancy, but I'm really happy we got them.  We just used Pinterest for a couple poses!
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  • @VitaLuna ..... Try finding photographers through facebook pages. Thats how they advertise these days. I won't post mine due to last name in them and I don't like putting face all over the bump boards. I paid 125 and got 15 edits on a flash drive all prints are extra. I've never heard of anyone charging more then 200 and I live in Chicago. Ours were reasonably priced and professionally done. Ask friends that have got photos taken who they used. You have to know someone who has a good photographer connection or look on fb pages like I said!

    Two local ones that were cheaper never replied (nice business practice, huh?). There are two others that friends recommended (that I get the impression are momtographers) that are still in the $250-300 range. And I live in a MCOL area!



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  • It was so cold and I had to pee so bad but I am happy with my pics! Here is the one I like most.
  • I chose to do my normal routine for a casual date night with DH. Something in between I guess. Wanted to look natural and like myself but still a little done up. :)

    Have fun I'm sure they will turn out great!

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  • My sister took a few for me. These are the first ones she's sent over, I can't wait to see the rest! Done at 37 weeks. 
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    I coaxed my husband away from the shed, set up the tripod & got a few happy snaps before our little girl graces us with her presence. These are some of my favs! 
    (Taken at 38+3)
  • Try local colleges/art schools for photography students. They are often willing and cheap, especially if portrait photography is what they want to do. They may want to use a few photos for class credit/portfolios, but it can be well worth it as they typically work super cheap or even free. Sometimes tbey may even team up to cover more ideas and angles. Also a good option for cheap wedding and other event photography.
  • We ended up setting up the tripod and taking the pictures ourselves with my DSLR. My husband and I are both very artsy and thought it'd be fun to take the pictures ourselves.

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  • My sister did some maternity photos for me at the local sailing club at 38 weeks & 3 days. Probably should have remembered the lipstick or maybe make-up in general but I am happy with them.
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