1st Trimester

Overwhelming anxiety until first OB appointment

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Are you afraid something is wrong? (Ectopic, blyth ovum, miscarriage)

Overwhelming anxiety until first OB appointment 87 votes

74% 65 votes
25% 22 votes

Re: Overwhelming anxiety until first OB appointment

  • it's common to worry about things being/going wrong, especially in the 1st Tri. however, if you're "overwhelmingly anxious" like you stated, i would maybe consider talking to your OB at your appointment. being very anxious/stressed out all the time is not good for LO.
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  • Was I nervous? Yes? But 'overwhelming anxiety'? No.


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  • I voted yes, but it is worry.....not overwhelming anxiety. I couldn't get an appointment until almost 12 weeks, and my last pregnancy my first appointment was 8 weeks. My first pregnancy, I had morning sickness really bad the whole time, so I took that as a good sign. This go-round, my morning sickness was pretty hardcore, and then all of a tapered off quickly in a 48 hour span, and then I had no symptoms. But I have no cramping or bleeding, so I am taking that as a good sign. However, I do have it in the back of my head that they could do the ultrasound at my first appointment, only to find out that the baby had passed when my symptoms went away.  So I do worry about that, but I try and focus on the positives. 
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  • I am very worried, but I also know in the back of my mind all I need to do is take care of myself. Everything else is out of my hands. I don't like it, but I'm focusing on the fact that for right now, today, I'm pregnant. I just need to keep reminding myself not to worry about tomorrow.
  • I think my main feeling was excitement.  I think being 'nervous' about the status of your baby is typical of all mothers-to-be, but I wasn't overwhelmed.  I feel like that part comes later in pregnancy :-)
  • (FTM) I was extremely nervous between my first appointment at 6 weeks and the next at 10. I was so scared I would have a missed mc. I would start crying at work and have to call my husband, I almost paid $300 for an extra ultrasound, and I purposely avoided bonding with the baby. Waiting and wondering is miserable! But all was well at my second appointment this week and I've finally allowed myself to believe that everything is probably going to be okay.
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  • I'm nervous but not overwhelming. 
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  • First appointment is February 5th. I'll be 9 weeks. Blood levels came back great at 4 weeks. Still can't help but to be nervous until first appointment with my doctor. Wishing all you ladies peace and good thoughts until your appointments!
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