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Prenatal Fitness Classes in Denver?

Does anyone know of any prenatal fitness classes in Denver? Ideally, I'd love to find pilates, but yoga would be great too, as well as cardio/weight classes. But when I google this and then visit the pages of the studios that come up, I do not see prenatal classes on their schedules, aside from Belly Bliss in Cherry Creek. 

I'm sad because I recently took up pilates and was making great progress. I'd moved from beginner to intermediate right before I got the good news about my pregnancy. Unfortunately the bulk of what we do in group class settings is off limits to pregnant women and it's beyond what a few simple modifications can solve. My last class, the poor instructor had to re-tool the whole lesson plan on the fly to accommodate me, and I could tell it was un-challenging for the other people in the class as a result. 

Re: Prenatal Fitness Classes in Denver?

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