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Baby Baptism/Baptism Party

My fiance and I are having our daughter baptized 5 days after her birth while our families are still in town. We thought it'd be convient instead of asking everyone to fly back in 2 months later. She's due in 2 weeks. The baptism is coming up and the grandmothers are asking about a baptism party. Neither my fiance or I had one. My brother and I were baptized then our family went back to my parents house for cake. Our house is too small to hold all these people for a post baptism party. My mom and grandmother hosted my baby shower so they're not volunteering to do a baptism party. Where could we go to eat cake and talk after the baptism? Any ideas?

Re: Baby Baptism/Baptism Party

  • Does your church not have a gathering space? I would check there first. Usually if you're having a ceremony they'll let you use it either for free or for a small fee.
  • I wanted to do it right away too (just because of my religious beliefs), but we have to wait a month. We are doing it in our hometown church where we no longer live so don't have a house in the area to have people back to which would have been ideal. Instead we are just going to take everyone out to an inexpensive brunch (I'm thinking like diner or something). If you live in an area where it's not freezing in January, you could do a picnic at a park, but I also think PP's idea of the church space is great.
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  • Id do as pp mentioned and see if the church hall will allow. Sounds like a great plan!
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