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Freaking Out! Pink Spotting and Cramps

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I just found out I'm pregnant Christmas Eve and today am 4w2d. This morning I had pink spotting when I went to the bathroom and cramping. I called the obgyn and they're letting my doc know. They can't get me in to see him until January 14th. I'm scared it's the beginning of losing my sweet poppyseed:(. Anyone else go through this? Do I need to go to the ER?

Re: Freaking Out! Pink Spotting and Cramps

  • I also wanna mention I have a 1.5cm ovarian cyst and 1.6cm fibroid and both were discovered less than 2 weeks ago.
  • I had pink spotting and cramping throughout the first trimester. Does it happen after intercourse? Mine did most of the time. It could be nothing to worry about, but take it easy just in case. If it is something, there is little that can be done so its best to try and relax.
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  • If it makes you feel better go to the ER. My son did that to me at about 10/12 weeks. Everything was fine.

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  • I'm always spotting and cramping. I did with my last pregnancy too. I think some people just do. with my first I did from weeks 5-13 and with this one I have been since week 5 (I'm 10w tmrw). Hang in there girl! Call doc back again if it gets worse and press them for an earlier appt!
  • so i'm at 12 weeks and i spotted for 3 weeks starting at week 6 ... it was nerve racking and every time i went to the bathroom i was convinced i had started to bleed heavily ... the instructions i was given by my doc was not to worry unless it was a lot of blood (soaking a pad in an a hour rate) ... but like a previous poster said, if you feel that it is an emergency, insist on an earlier appointment ...

    last ultrasound we saw our little guy kicking his little foot ... trust me, there were plenty of days when i thought it was game over for him ... so try to stay positive and good luck!
  • I had a chemical pregnancy at 4w2d and there wasn't any spotting. I woke up to a very heavy flow. I don't know if that helps. I hope this is just normal spotting and everything goes well for you!
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