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Traveling at 29 weeks

Hi all!
First, congrats to all of you!

I am currently expecting my first baby in August. I live overseas but would like to travel to visit my family at the beginning of my third trimester (29 weeks). The flight is about 8 hours, have a layover, then another 8-9 hours. I would stay 2-3 weeks and then fly back the same flight. That would put me at about 32 weeks flying back.

I would just like to know if this is something that you would have considered at that stage. I understand everyone is different and this is all on the assumption I don't have any complications, everything is healthy, etc.

Would love any advice! Thanks!

Re: Traveling at 29 weeks

  • What does your doctor say?

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  • I haven't spoken to the doctor yet. I guess I was just asking if at that point it's something you physically felt like you could do or would you feel like, heck no I would never get on a plane for that long.

    I have read that traveling up to 36 weeks is fine as long as you have doctors approval.
    So assuming I have the docs approval, it is something you would do or am i crazy for considering it?
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  • Physically, I felt perfectly fine at 29 weeks (actually still do). I contemplate traveling four hours away by car very often, but haven't since I was maybe 34-35 weeks. My parents discouraged it since I was getting so close to delivery, and they're probably right even though I feel physically capable. You should definitely talk to your doctor, but also consider that you might not be able to predict how you're feeling at that point! I've had a rather easy pregnancy, but some women don't for one reason or another.
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  • I would have at 29 weeks (I've had a very straightforward pregnancy) but I would still ask your doctor first just to be sure. I think the big question would be how would the trip back be. They also might request that you find a doctor overseas (even if it's just your families doctor and not an OB) so that you can keep tabs on little one just incase. At 30 weeks my OB had me start coming in every 2 weeks (36 was switch to every week).

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  • Thanks!
    We plan on delivering overseas and just wanted to visit family in the US. I'm a teacher, hence the reason I can't leave until 29 weeks. That was my concern too, not knowing how I'll feel after 30 weeks.
  • Also, look into the policies of the airline you plan to fly with.  Some have restrictions on how late in pregnancy you can fly, some require documentation from a doctor, etc.

    If you are cleared to fly by your doctor, remember to stay hydrated and stretch your legs often, whether in your seat or preferably by getting up and walking around.  When I flew at about 26 weeks my doctor suggested a walk down the aisle every hour or so.  If not, at least drawing the alphabet with my feet to get the blood flowing through my legs. Pregnant women are more susceptible to blood clots when flying.
  • I would just get approval from your doctor. As for traveling, I felt great at 29 weeks. For such a long flight and layover, just make sure to be comfortable, bring a pillow and definitely get up and walk around when you can to keep your blood circulating. Also stay hydrated too even if you have to use the rest room a lot!
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  • I'm 29 weeks currently and we did lots of driving over the last week and it was tiring for me. While I don't feel poorly, I have sciatica pain and get uncomfortable easily. The thought of all of that plane travel makes me cringe a little. If your doctor doesn't care and you're feeling up to it I say go for it.
  • Assuming your doctor approves:

    Compression socks or stockings to wear during travel.  I didn't fly, but around 27-ish weeks I drove the 28hrs to visit my family.  Swelling became a painful issue and the socks saved me from ripping off my feet and throwing them out the window.

    Water, water, and more water.  It helps with the swelling, and hydration while flying is even more important while pregnant. 

    Take snacks.  Never hurts to have a few extras, but it really sucks to not have them when you want them.

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