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Hormones and Guilt!

Part of "pet prepping" for baby is getting my kitten fixed, well when I reminded her about it she gave me this face! I've been insanely hormonal and protective over them as if I gave birth to my animals too lately, so I'm actually pretty nervous about taking her in tomorrow. I know it's important to do now before I'm farther along and before the baby arrives so that she's healed, but dang I feel like a monster. When my dog got fixed it was emergency surgery and we had no choice, but now I am choosing for her and I feel mean. She was miserable in heat but these freaking hormones have me beating myself up! I cried for a good hour and now I'm scared I won't take her in.
Anyone else's hormones making them irrational and doubt their decisions..?
I have to take my dog in to get her nails trimmed too (I'm too big to do it comfortably) and now I'm even about to cry over that! Which is totally nothing!! What is happening?!?!

Also, while I'm talking about stuff, I am so grateful for this group because t makes me feel like friends and less alone! Being 3,000 miles from everyone is kind of hard so thanks for making it easier guys!

Re: Hormones and Guilt!

  • If you're worried about getting her fixed just give her extra love, she will need to rest anyways. Extra snuggles
  • Try not to worry, I'm sure your kitten will be just fine! I work as a vet tech at a small animal clinic and trust me, spays are very routine procedures. I know that's easy for me to say though, when she's your baby! Will they be keeping her overnight, or can you come pick her up the same day as the surgery?
  • I just picked her up, but she was so heavily sedated I had to wait an extra two hours. She was only there from 9am-4:30pm but it get like a life time. She's sleeping on a bed in their "room" (a walk in closet we remodeled) but I totally cried like 4 times today.
    Even the baby was protesting. Usually she moves around lightly during the day but she was beating me from the inside out.

    The poor kitten peed all over herself and is having issue controlling her bowels. I feel terrible! I do feel a lot better knowing it's done, and even more that it's done before the baby gets here. But these pregnancy hormones make me feel like a bad guy!
  • Sounds like you did the right thing and the best thing for your family and your kitten! Just give her lots of extra love and she will recover and forget all about this in no time! I have felt very guilty and sad when my pets have had surgery, too, but they really are so resilient and still love us after it all!

  • She looks so miserable! Apparently my husband accidentally picked her up by her stomach so of course she's in more pain now, which he feels bad about so he started lecturing me saying I shouldn't have gotten fixed and that she was happier and healthier before. I feel like part of me was so anxious to get it done because with mt dog it almost killed her by being fixed right away (her uterus got infected and swelled up to almost triple its size, it burst on the table as soon as they got it out of her. She was 32 seconds from death apparently. Horrifying thought!!) . But seeing everyone say that it's all normal and agreeing that fixing her was right is actually really calming! I know H is just upset because he hurt her, but he's really not helpful when it comes to understanding that pregnancy hormones are already making this harder on me. Thanks guys!
    I'm hoping soon Arwen will be ruining my life again.
  • Aw what a sweetheart. I'm sure everything will be ok. I remember when my kitten was fixed (even though it was 4 years ago already) I felt so bad and he slept for the first couple days. Lots of love and cuddles and she will be good.

    P.S. I love your sweatshirt ;)
  • @SU1989 thanks! we are all packers fans in this house! It's the only thing she would sleep on. Well, H isn't a packers fan but no one like him :wink:
    I just tucked her into bed and she ate some food, but she started meowing in pain and it was so depressing! We just got some aloe Vera wipes to clean her (she peed all over herself) and when I put it gently around her belly to clean it seemed to help her pain level. Watching her sleep away is making me feel better! They really are just like kids. Thank goodness I won't have to fix my human daughter!!
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