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Anterior placenta

Hi ladies! So I'm a little concerned.... I'm 32 weeks and My baby girl is in position already. I've been told my placenta is in the front aka anterior placenta. Some people have been telling me that usually one needs a c-section. Is this true? Have any of you heard of this? I really want to try to have her natural. This is my first baby.

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  • Placenta previa needs a section, not anterior
  • Had an anterior placenta with DS1, delivered vaginally. There is no correlation between an anterior placenta and a c-section.
  • Anterior placenta has nothing to do with needing a c section. You've been misinformed. Talk to your doctor. I had an anterior placenta with my first, went into natural labor, and delivered vaginally. I didn't have it with my second. I have it again this time. Everything is on track. No c section in sight, but of course you never know.

  • I also have an anterior placenta and plan to deliver vaginally, and unmedicated. My midwife hasn't had any concerns about being able to do either of those things. So I'm sure whoever told you that got their placental information confused, as pp said.
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  • Had an anterior placenta with my first pregnancy. It has absolutely nothing to do with needing a c section.
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  • Anterior just means the placenta is in the front (so on your belly button side) rather than on the top/back of your uterus (towards your back). I think anterior placenta may be correlated with low lying and placenta previa. Placenta previa is when the placenta covers the os (cervix opening) partially or completely and the standard of care is to have a c section because of hemorrhaging risks and risks to the baby. Low lying placenta is when the placenta is considered too close to the cervix to have a vaginal delivery without the same risks. If you have low lying placenta or placenta previa your doctor should have said something and you should have an additional ultrasound (between 32-34 weeks at my doctor) to check the placenta position. Most of the time the uterus has stretched up and away from the cervix by that point and you can deliver vaginally safely. As PP said, I'd double check with my doc to make sure the placenta isn't low lying but I'm pretty sure everything is just perfect!
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