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Worried something could be wrong...

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I am 6 weeks (12/23 officially). On Tuesday the 22nd I noticed some brown spitting, which turned into bright red light bleeding. I called my Dr. And they had me come in to test hgc levels and have an exam.

The doctor did the exam, though he said he didn't have any answers. Ultrasound showed gest sac and possible yolk sac. He told me to check my hgc again in two days.

Later that night, he called to tell me that my levels were 22,000 and he wanted me to go to get an official ultrasound at radiology.

During the ultrasound, we again saw gest sac and small yolk sac. Not much other information given. When the office called me later that night, they said my numbers rose to 29000, but they want me to come back for another ultrasound in 7-10 days because they "didn't see what they should have seen".

Should I be worried? I am thinking the first ultrasound could have just been too early to see any significant development ( since I was 5 weeks 6 days) and I am trying to not get worked up and worry. No bleeding since the 22nd, only extremely light brown spotting here and there throughout the day(s).... This is my first pregnancy and am praying my baby is okay....

Re: Worried something could be wrong...

  • I know this is easier said than done, but try your best to distract yourself until your next US. It is very normal not to see much this early. It is quite possible that you will see the heartbeat and baby at your next US. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will have good news at that appointment!
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  • I'm sorry you're going through this. Unfortunately, first tri is a huge waiting game of worries. You were probably right that they didn't see what they wanted to see because you were too early. But also unfortunately, no one here can tell you a yes or no answer if your doctor can't.

    I just hope in 7-10 days, when you are further along, you will see more. Good luck! FX for you!
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  • I agree with the previous posters. As hard as it is to wait it out, its kind of what you have to do. For what it is worth, most of the doctors in my area wont even bother doing a ultrasound around that time, just because of the fact that there is hardly anything to see. So you could be right that it was just too early, and also, it could be that you aren't as far along as you think you are. Sometimes you can ovulate a little later, and the numbers could be off. Fingers crossed for you! 
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  • Thank you:) I'm just going to think positive and go on as if everything is normal until they tell me not too
  • Ditto what PP have said. Just thought I'd add some good vibes for you and baby!
    Please update us with news when you can.
  • Thank you!! I definitely will :) these good thoughts mean so much to me!
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