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Ring test for gender

Has anyone else tried it yet? I've done it twice and both times it starts moving like a boy then does big circles like its a girl... I know it's just for fun and I won't know for sure until the doctor tells me but it's so confusing! What were your results? Have you done it with any other children and was it right?

Re: Ring test for gender

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    Hey Shelby just a heads up a lot of people here don't put much stalk or really enjoy old wives tales like this one or the ramzi test. I haven't done so I have nothing to add for the results but I hope you have a very happy and healthy baby :)
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    My friends did it last pregnancy and it said I was having a boy. She would make a really pretty boy.
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    I did it with my son, and it said boy.  With this one, it says girl, so we'll see. :)  I have a student who wants to do a project on old wive's tales in pregnancy using me as a test subject (her mom works with me), so I'm playing along. ;)
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    I did it and it said boy. But if I remember correctly I did it with DD and it also said boy. In my opinion Old wive's tales have a 50/50 chance of being correct, but that's about it.

    ETA: but they can be fun to play around with, if you enjoy it :)
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    I've done it several times and it always is very clearly a boy. I work with a lady who has a 100% track record on using this method for all my coworkers' pregnancies, so I tend to believe her. Of course I'll be happy whether it's a boy or girl but we're not finding out the sex until they're born, so I think the old wives tales are fun.
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    I too think the old wives tales are fun - we are team green so I enjoy doing them and (eventually) seeing which ones are correct or not. Last week my best friend was a few days before her due date, so we had her do all of them that we could google... 90% of them said girl (everything from peeing on baking soda to the ring test, to analyzing the lines in your left eye etc.) Wouldn't you know, on Christmas eve morning she gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby BOY... hahaha... none of the tests really predicted that! I obviously think they are just for fun but enjoy them! Some people on the boards get so heated over them but I say go for it ;) 
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