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To draw or not draw HCG?

After BO diagnosis with last pregnancy (Aug 2015), I was 100% certain I would want my HCG levels drawn with my next pregnancy weekly until the 8 week U/S. I am currently 4w3d and now unsure if it is really worth it. I feel that it would either give me reassurance or make me even more concerned. Anyone with similar experience have any thoughts? If you have had levels drawn, do you feel that it was helpful or made you worry more? My OB is willing to draw them if I ask. 

Thanks for any input in advance!
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Re: To draw or not draw HCG?

  • I thought about asking for levels drawn as well just to check progress. I will be 5 weeks tomorrow. I've had two previous losses. But then I decided not to. I will still be anxious either way waiting until the next week. And the thing with levels is they can range so far. And they can be good until they're not. Does that make sense? I even asked not to be seen until 9 weeks. Id rather not get another u/s until I'm further along. The past two times I just got my hopes up to be let down. I chose no news as good news until my first appt. Its difficult either way. But this was just my personal thought process. Good luck to you!
  • I don't have the option of weekly draws, but like April V421 don't think I'd take it for all the same reasons even if you had scans every Monday something could happen on a Wednesday. I also choose to delay my first appointment as long as possible and still allow time to book integrated prenatal testing, it is mentally better for me to focus on the next big thing like my 12 well appointment at points when the pregnancy has progressed further than to get too caught up in counting the days. Is be tempted to ask your doctor if HCG testing weekly is statistically likely to change the outcome.
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  • I agree that hcg levels are okay until they aren't, but it was also reassuring when I found out I mine was over 20,000 at 5 weeks. It made me feel like I was off to a good start and I stopped feeling doomed. (I had two previous losses.)
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  • I had mine drawn at 4+3wk and 4+5wk because I found myself completely shutting down with grief and panic.  After the draw I was only calm maybe a week, until the panic revved up again.  Did it calm me down in that moment?  yes.  Was it long lasting?  Nope. 

    I'm not sure if that helps, I'm also sure I would have it drawn again knowing the outcome, because I needed those little moments of peace of mind.
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  • My doctor told me at 5 weeks there is such a wide range of acceptable hug levels that she doesn't recommend doing the blood draws until the 8 week appointment. Knowing that I didn't want to ask her to draw my blood. She said she would do whatever I wanted to try to calm my fears but with such a wide range of acceptability it would be hard to actually get an answer from the bloodwork.
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  • Thank you ladies for the input. I agree that it really would not change anything and I will probably be anxious regardless. I do not think there would be any statistical lowering of MC chance by getting HCGs. I will likely not get them drawn and glad that other people have similar opinions.
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  • I like having them done bc I like to know where I stand. I want to know asap if something is wrong. I had a mmc with one of my 3 losses and I didn't find out until after 12 weeks. Which was my first appointment with a new ob. It was awful. I felt like a fool for not knowing. Even though I know that's silly. And I had already (foolishly) told a lot of people not knowing any better. I thought 12 weeks was some gold standard. Like if I made it that far I was good. So bc of that experience I like to have as much info as possible. Sometimes the counts make me worry bc they're not doubling exactly but still going up significantly. But at least you'd know if they were going down. And with or without the counts if be worrying anyway. That's just my opinion and my experience though.
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  • I'm a terrible worrier to the point where I stress myself out, so I basically demanded blood tests, as reluctant as they were. I also don't like surprises and handle life better if I know exactly what's going on. If you're also like this, no harm in asking.
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