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Sudden screaming

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My now 4 month old has suddenly started randomly screaming in his sleep. When I check on him, he is sound asleep. Any ideas on why he may be doing this?

Re: Sudden screaming

  • Mine does the same thing. Maybe dreams?

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  • Mine does it too. I figured it might be bad dreams as well.
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  • Mine is 4 months old as well and does the same. His pediatrician said they don't have dreams at this age as yet but I does look like he is dreaming to me
  • I think they dream.  One day while my baby was asleep, I started talking softly and singing to him.  He started smiling in his sleep! He had been asleep for a good while (45 minutes).  Everytime I spoke, he would smile and laugh a bit (his awake laugh is different than his sleep laugh lol).  Anyways, mine also screams out in his sleep from time to time but never really wakes up...just nods back off to sleep. 
  • I think this happens between sleep cycles (45 min) when they rouse a bit and realize mom isn't there. My baby is sleeping in her crib but if she sleeps in my bed she doesn't do this. It's their way of making sure mom is still there somewhere.
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