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Obstetric Cholestasis??

Anyone ever have this before in prior pregnancies?

The past week I have had itching on my hands and feet that becomes intense in the middle of the night. When I googled my symptoms, Obstetric Cholestasis popped up in all the results. From what I've read it usually presents itself in the 2nd or 3rd trimester, but I did read some posts where it happened during their first trimester. I had nothing like this with my first pregnancy so I'm still not totally convinced that's what it is.

I'm hoping it's just itching from the increase in estrogen like a few sites said, but I will be calling my OB first thing Monday morning if this keeps going on.

It's made me even more paranoid reading about how it increases the chance of a stillborn birth. If anyone has any experience with this I'd appreciate any advice.

Re: Obstetric Cholestasis??

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    Try not to self diagnose.. That's a horrible way to make yourself panic and it's unnecessary stress. Just wait until you talk to your OB. In the meantime, I hope your symptoms get better !
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    I had it with my last pregnancy. It's very rare so hopefully you don't have it! Risk of still birth is higher later and pregnancy and I was induced at 36.5 weeks. It's even rarer to show up so early in pregnancy! Your symptoms do sound very similar to my own so def call you on ASAP on Monday! A blood test would be done for a diagnosis which tests your bile acid level. Good luck!
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    SIL had this recently. They induced by 37 weeks and I have a healthy (adorable) newborn nephew now.
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    I believe if you go to D 15 and use the search function, you should be able to find some stuff about it. Not in the first trimester, but you can try asking there.
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    I had this with my son and thought I was going crazy. It happened in the 3rd tri and luckily my MIL convinced me to go in for extreme itching. I had him at 38 wks and all was fine. I have not had symptoms this pregnancy yet but my OB said it typically wouldn't start until 2nd tri. Try not to worry as your skin could be sensitive to products now that you're pregnant. However, following my MILs advice def go in - just in case. Keep us posted..sending positive energy your way :)
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