1st Trimester

Spotting at 7 weeks.

I am so nervous. Is brown spotting regular. It hasn't even filled a panty liner. Probably the size of a dollar bill cut in half. That's how much I've had. It started yesterday. And today it has slowed down significantly.
I have an appointment for this Wednesday to have my levels checked. But I haven't heard babies heart beat yet. Is this normal.

Re: Spotting at 7 weeks.

  • It can be very normal. Just wait a few more days till your appointment. Good luck! Don't stress because it's not something you can control.
  • Brown blood = old blood, I wouldn't worry unless it picks up and/or turns red.
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  • Normal. And also, you may or may not hear baby's hb until later on. I didn't hear it until 13 weeks? We saw the flicker on the us at 8 weeks but didn't hear it until later.

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  • I'm having the same thing going on and I'm 7 weeks as well, except mine started and lasted 3 days, stopped for a few and has been happening since Christmas Eve (TMI only a little after wiping). Please update after your appointment. Best of luck to you! Brown blood is old blood and when I called my doctors office they didn't seem concerened. They said its never considered normal to bleed during pregnancy, but it is very very common. And as long as you arent having severe cramps, back aches or bleeding enough to fill a pad an hour they said it's common, and advised to me avoid sex or strenuous activity until I'm seen.
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