Pain below belly button

Anyone else experiencing pain in the area below belly button but above your incision? I'm a week and a half post partum and my incision feels great, but this pain is really putting my recovery back. The area was originally very numb for the first few days but it seems that as feeling is returning it's extremely sensitive. Even running my fingers over the area hurts. It's a superficial surface type pain but no rash or redness so I'm concerned it may be nerve damage. Would love some input from anyone with a similar experience!

Re: Pain below belly button

  • I have the same exact problem. I'm only 10 days along in recovery. It's a very sore and very sensitive feeling! I believe it's only a part of the recovery, and not nerve damage! Think of how they cut our bodies open, so I'm not surprised at the sensitivity. But when you have your next check up with your OB, mention it to her, just in case and for reassurance :) good luck, and congrats with the new baby momma!
  • Thanks for responding, glad I'm not alone! December 16th baby? If so our babies share a birthday! Great day!
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  • Yes December 16th!! 10:13am :)) happy birthday to your little one. Team pink for me ;)
  • Oh my gosh I have been wondering the same thing! Sometimes just my clothes rubbing the area is frustrating.
  • C section mama here on her way to her second in May...The pain your are feeling is from your internal incisions. It will hurt on an off for a while and sometimes randomly months later! Totally normal!!
  • I just found the c section board today to see if I could find out if anyone was also having this issue! I'm exactly 2 weeks pp and even a shirt touching that area hurts like hell! So glad I'm not alone and that this is normal.
  • I always got weird feelings around my incision up to about a year!
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