1st Trimester

Soreness in lower abs

I am 9w1d and have had some soreness in my lower abdomen/intestines. It's not cramping, but more like I've done a bunch of sit-ups. Has anyone else experienced this? Ive been experiencing constipation and had to 'push' harder than usual a couple days ago. Is it because of that? Never felt sore from pushing before!

Re: Soreness in lower abs

  • The ligaments moving around and everything paired up with gas and constipation definitely takes a toll on those muscles and the structures surrounding the uterus. Honestly, when those pains come up, the only way I've found serious relief is by laying on my back with my legs up on a chair or the couch or something. Sounds silly, but it hurts, so I tried every position I could. Feel better!
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