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Down's syndrome

I know this may be a touchy subject but since we are all considered advanced maternal age I was curious how many became pregnant with a downs baby. I have a beautiful healthy 3 month old and feel like I'd be pressing my luck for another baby. DH is concerned about risk of downs and doesn't want to have another because of our ages (41 & 46). Wondering how common downs is here among us bumpies.

Re: Down's syndrome

  • The age-related risks for Downs syndrome are all published and readily available. This may be more useful for you than some anecdotes from bumpies:

    At 41 the risk for Down syndrome is estimated at 1 in 70, which is about 1.5%. Another way of looking at it is that there is a 98.5% chance of NOT having a baby with Down syndrome. Your husband's age does not increase the risk for Down syndrome.

    Best wishes to you in making decisions for your family!
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