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Pregnant again!

Woah! Today we took a pregnancy test on a whim, and to our surprise it was positive! Merry Christmas to us! We are excited but nervous for the adjustment! Would love to talk to others who found out they are expecting again or parents of two kids with advice for the future!

Re: Pregnant again!

  • Congrats and Merry Christmas! I have no advice but hope you have a smooth pregnancy. The kids will love being so close in age.
  • Congratulations!! I had two under 2 yrs old for a couple months. I love having two kids and they adore each other. How are you feeling?
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  • I'm nervous it will certainly be another adjustment! Although we wanted our kids close together so it's very exciting! I can't wait to see how they love each other like that!
  • There are a couple that are pregnant from our month on the Facebook group- if you want to make the move over there
  • Great thanks!
  • I'm pregnant again! Due in July! Congrats!!
  • I too am pregnant with my 2nd after having my first in May last year they will be a year apart since this one will be due in May as well! I had really bad morning sickness during first trimester thank god it's gone now that I'm almost 5 months preg! Congrats on baby number 2 it's really tiring and gonna be even harder when the 2nd one comes but so worth it when they get a little older good luck!
  • I miss being pregnant, as well as the first few stages of newborn-ness, and have been thinking about getting pregnant again, but my family (excluding my husband) is against it, I can understand their concern and some of the points/cons are valid in a way, but it still doesn't change my feelings.... advice/opinion/story.
  • Congrats! I am pretty sure I am too, but it's too early to test. I am stuck kind of playing mind games with myself during the TWW. But last time I just KNEW it based on how my body felt and this is just the same. :)
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  • For those of you pregnant again, I'm curious if you were breast feeding vs formula feeding? 
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