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Spotting before FET

Hi Ladies,

I just started 1/2 ml Progesterone (in oil, shots in the muscle) this morning and my transfer is scheduled for the 30th (next wednesday). They did tell me that vaginal discharge is bound to be increased as I stay on the vivelle patches and start on Progesterone but today I saw a little blood with the CM and thought it was a one of thing and I saw spotting again..I'm kind of worried. Has anyone else seen this during their FET ? Also, was there any issues with your cycle or did you get a BFP ? Thanks so much in advance!!!

DH :  36, has Chronic Kidney Disease, on dialysis & is waiting on the transplant list (average wait for B+ is 5 years)

Me:   36, Hypothyroidism, PCOS, BMI 32, need to be done with "child bearing" ASAP so that I can be a Kidney donor (was fun realizing we didn't as much time as we thought :-/ )

We're TTC#1

IUI #1 : 5mcg Letrozole (CD 3-7) + Ovidrel Trigger + Had the one follicle = BFN  (March 2014)

IUI #2 : 5mcg Letrozole (CD 3-7) + 150 iu Bravelle on CD9 (after much begging!) + Had the one follicle = BFN (April 2014)

7th May 2014 - changed REs, this one seems to care (we think....)

IUI #3 : 7mcg Letrozole (CD 3- 7) + 75 iu Bravelle (CD 8-12) + CD12 Scan 5/16 + Had 3 follicles (2 under 15mm) = BFN(May 2014)

IUI #4 : 7mcg Letrozole (CD 3- 7) + 75 iu Bravelle (CD 8-12) + CD12 Scan 5/16 + Had 1 follicle + DH gave best sample so far = BFN(June 2014)

IVF#1 -  ER Only Cycle Sept-Oct 2014, 17  eggs Retrieved, 14 mature, 10 fertilized, 6 made it to Blast & post PGS  5 were not viable due to chromosomal abnormalities
Not sure where we go from here...

We're parents to two very adorable, bratty, affectionate & goofy Bernese Mountain Dog pups who would very much like a 2 legged baby brother or sister of their own!

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