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ADHD and Adderall

Hi ladies,
I have adhd and take adderall 15 mg a day.  Im going to go to my Dr next week. I have been doing some research on-line and there are just so many different opinions what to do. It is a Category C which means its Ok to use if benefits outweigh risks but there really havent been any human studies. Anyone else in the same situation? And what did your OB/psychiatrist tell you to do?  Thanks for any feedback.

Re: ADHD and Adderall

  • Hey I was on vyvanse, pretty similar. Risk category C, which means it hasn't been tested and they (medical professionals) do not know the extent of the risk involved. Unless the benefit outweighs the risk, I would say get off of it ASAP, which is what my doctor told me to do. Try to learn some copping methods. I hope this helps!
  • I stopped Adderall ASAP with my first pregnancy. Get used to sticking to a routine, parking in the same spot when shopping (I always park all the way back in the lane facing the doors), writing notes on your phone & putting alerts with everything being added to your calendar. Best of luck! Between preggo brain & ADHD it will be a challenge to remember things.
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    It's speed. Now.. i'm not a doctor. But I'd say that whatever the warnings are for amphetamine use, you can pretty much apply to adderal and other similar meds, at least to some degree. Since they are amphetamines. 

    But DO talk more to your doc about making that comparison. I'm only using what i feel is common sense and am not speaking from any real experience. 
  • I was on concerta. Once I found out I was pg I stopped due to the unknown effects on the baby. It sucks and add and pregnancy and my high stress job ( nurse) makes me feel like I'm going crazy.
  • It's an amphetamine. Get off it.
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  • Thank you. Im aware its an amphetamine, but its also a Category C.  Anyway I did talk to my OB and there has been no evidence of harm on therapeutic doses, only abuse.  Hope that helps someone else who has ADD.
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