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Has Xmas TOTALLY SCREWED baby's sleep schedule for anyone else too??

My baby is normally a great napper and generally happy. But holy cow, he's completely over-stimulated with all the Xmas travelling and visiting. He started colicking for the first time ever (@ 12 weeks) and his nap schedule is way off. So he gets overtired and so cranky. Is this happening to anyone else?? Anyone have advice for surviving the holidays with LO? I'm seriously at the point where I don't even want to go over to the in-laws for Xmas morning.

Re: Has Xmas TOTALLY SCREWED baby's sleep schedule for anyone else too??

  • Yes yes yes! I was too exhausted to initiate a post on the topic. Tonight we were at a family dinner so lo missed her golden window for a good nights sleep and is now screaming her head off. We have another family function tomorrow evening! Oh joy. Ive always loved the holidays but THIS i do not like at all. Feel like a grinch
  • Y E S ! ! ! Baby did not wanted to sleep at his usual time and from that time he started becoming cranky and angry. He is not like that! I usually breatfeed him during the day, but not at night, i did it tonight and it was the only way he fell asleep. We really tried everything!
    Now Hubby and I dont want to go anywhere tomorrow morning and new years
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  • Currently up with my 8 week old who has been crying/screaming/screaming crying since 8 pm. It's now 1 am. Seriously ready to hitch a ride with Santa.
  • We had family come to us this year if they wanted to see my husband and the baby so bad. Even still that kind of threw her off with her naps so I could only imagine going all over the place !
  • Haha we start tonight for the next 4 nights ... Ugh.
    I'm totally wit you mommas ... Solidarity.
  • Last night was horrible! My dd had been sleeping basically through the night with just one wake up to nurse (she usually nurses while we are laying down and falls right back to sleep and sleeps next to me the rest of the night.) my dd did not sleep or eat all night. She just screamed and we are still paying the price today. And we get to do it all over again tomorrow! Ugh!
  • Slightly. DD woke up every 2 hrs whereas she normally sleeps at least one block of 5-7 hrs. Back to normal last night though. I hope all your LOs get back to normal soon.
  • Yes!! LO will not settle down at night now. Usually 11 is the latest but it's been 1-2 and his stretches have gotten shorter. My sister's family is staying with us and I love my nieces but they don't understand the baby needs space. The youngest is 4 and she's so in his face all the time or they want to hold him but then are done 2 min later so he's constantly getting jostled around. My sister tells them to leave him alone but they are kids and love their cousin. LO has been crying a lot more and seems like he's got reflux worse than before as he cries durning burping of feedings but during the MOTN ones he's not so bad. Like I said, I love them all but am ready for quiet. I go back to work in a week and want my happy baby back to enjoy.
  • Yes! My baby was sleeping through the night and now she's up at least twice throughout the night. She also doesn't nap as much during the day and she's so exhausted. I'm also a teacher and am out on Christmas break right now, so my schedule is different. I feel like this has something to do with it as well. This upcoming week is my last week off for break so I'm going to try hard to get her back in a routine to make going back to work next week easier.
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