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Brown Spotting at little over 6 weeks?

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It started about 4 or 5 days ago and completely stopped in less than 48 hours. It was fine until about an hour ago, it starts dark brown and fades quickly to a watery light brown. I know this is old blood, and there's no cramping or clotting or tissue has been expelled. Has anyone ever had this? Doctor won't see me until my appointment Thursday but I'm so worried I'm in tears. I've been having slight pain in my right ovary and it's already been confirmed that the gestational sac is in the uterus, so no ectopic.

I probably sound like I'm crazy just worrying about everything, but I'm scared to death!!!

Re: Brown Spotting at little over 6 weeks?

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    Spotting can be very normal in early pregnancy. Pink or brown is fine (even though it's worrisome.) A bright red flow of blood is what you need to look out for. It warrants a call in and filling a pad an hour gets a visit to the ER.

    I know how stressful this can be but there are lots of women who spot or even bleed and go on to have healthy pregnancies/babies. Sex can cause spotting because the cervix is filled with blood.

    If it might help ease your mind, you could ask your doctor to check your progesterone at your visit.

    *eta- slight pains are okay but anything severe and you should get checked out.
  • Take deep breaths stress isn't good for the baby either. Brown blood is old blood like you said. When blood becomes a big concern is when it is bright red and comes with severe cramping (Which is probably why your doc isn't concerned). I'm not a medical professional but I think it's safe to say you are ok for now. I know pregnancy can be scary but you have to remember to stay calm and let the logic side of yor brain make decisions.
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  • Slight cramping in first trimester is normal. Things are shifting and growing.

    How do you know the pain is over your ovary?
  • Pinkgirl42Pinkgirl42 member
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    @PugsandKisses I have had many struggles with ovarian cysts for about 10 years, and also had lap surgery for endometriosis growing on my ovaries. My first ultrasound( at ER-the pain was gettinf worse and i feared ectopic) showed multiple cysts on both ovaries and when I followed up with the doctor about 4 days later they saw the same ones and haven't changed size. It's the same pain in the same location so I am just assuming that it's what the pain is.

    Other than that I've had no cramping the past week except for maybe an occasional twinge here and there. If it was just cramping I wouldn't be so concerned but the spotting it what's getting me all worked up
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