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Stopping progesterone supplements

So I am due to stop progesterone supplements soon... And I am scared to death that stopping could make me lose the baby even though I know the placenta has started to take over. Any STM been taken off the supplements before and it turn out fine?

Re: Stopping progesterone supplements

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    I have not personally, but I know a lot of women who have. Quite a number that have had previous losses and did progesterone for the first 12 to 13 weeks. Obviously, their situation doesn't dictate anybody else's, but they have healthy babies right now.
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    @BostonBaby1 Thanks. :) I know it doesn't apply to me, but it makes me feel better to hear of successes. I would hate myself if I did something to ruin what I have going for me now. I just want to know that stopping supplements won't be the cause if something happened.
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    I took supplements with my past two pregnancies, and I'm on them again this time around - I have naturally low progesterone. With my first pregnancy, I stopped taking the supplements at 13 weeks, as my doctor advised, and I experienced no complications. While I didn't carry a baby to term with my second pregnancy, it was not for lack of progesterone. My understanding is that your progesterone levels taper off after the first trimester or once the placenta has taken over. I plan to stop taking my progesterone in a couple weeks when I hit 13!
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    I know the feeling but I was fine first time around! Just stopped yesterday this time!

    If the only thing keeping the baby alive are the sups than it isn't a healthy pregnancy. Try not to worry! 99% of pregnant ladies don't take any progesterone and are fine.

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    I was prescribed it due to a previous loss and I stopped taking mine this week. I'm 12 weeks tomorrow and my doctor suggest I stop taking them around 11-12 weeks.
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    I stopped this week at 12 wks and have been fine. Saw the baby the day after stopping, and doc even mentioned that my placenta looked good and healthy, so it should do its job. She said technically it would be safe to stop at 9wks, but the 12wks is just extra precaution.
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    Thank you all!!
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    I had twins via Ivf two years ago. I remember being terrified to stop the progesterone! Everything was fine. The placenta is functioning now. Your body will know what to do! Just have faith!
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    I was on progesterone suppositories for 9wks after my IVF.....I am now 12wks....had my progesterone checked few days after I stopped to make sure it wasn't dropping.
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    This is my 2nd pregnancy and I was on oral progesterone supplements with my 1st until about 12 weeks. The same is being advised this time as well. As long as the doctor is monitoring your levels and is telling you to stop, I would trust their experience. I had no problems from stopping with my 1st. Good luck!
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